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53 with FP Jones from Riverdale?? Thank you!!

53. “Sit in my lap”

You and FP were sitting on the couch for a little “meeting” with the other serpents. Hiram Lodge had dropped a bomb on their plans and they had to drop everything and destroy the drive in so Hiram could buy it for a lower price. Joaquin, Mustang and a few others had sat around the living room table discussing how to go about the destruction, but you and FP were off in your own little worlds. “Come on, you driving FP?” Mustang shouted, grabbing the mans attention. “No I’ve had a few drinks, Joaquin can take my truck. Me and (Y/N) will be out in a few minutes.” He spoke as the others left the trailer. He got up and grabbed a jacket from the coat rack and tossed one of his fleece shirts to you. You thanked him and headed outside, only to find there was no room for you in the truck. While you frowned, FP had an idea. He hopped up in the passenger seat and patted his lap. “Sit in my lap.” He spoke. You gladly accepted a chance to be close to him and jumped up in the truck and onto his lap, making sure to wiggle your butt a little bit to make yourself ‘comfortable’.