The Nymph of the Arden Forest

TITLE: The Nymph of the Arden Forest


AUTHOR: goddessofmischief

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki having his “secret place” in a forest. He goes there whenever he isn’t in a good mood or just wants some peace. One day he sits there, relaxing and feeling free when suddenly a girl comes into his sight. She sits there, barely clothed enjoying the beautiful water and laughing, dancing around through the forest...


NOTES/WARNINGS: Hello! Although I am still writing “The Mourning Girl”, I have decided that this story, based on a submitted Imagine, is the next one that I’d love to write! This is just a opening chapter, so I would love to hear what you all think of it ♥︎

Loki stomped across the dense meadow as the daylight dimmed ever so slowly in the sky above him. It was a rather humid evening and he had to continuously wipe away the layer of sweat that formed upon his forehead.
His fury was evident as he kicked at the overgrown tufts of grass and at the branches and rocks that obstructed the path that would lead him more deeper inside the forest.
His ‘family’ had once again neglected his own feelings when regarding how they would go forward with Loki’s punishment for what he did on Midgard three years earlier. Although he had gained their trust to roam Asgard freely, they were thinking of sending him shortly to the Avengers Tower in New York City with the intentions of him helping the Avengers initiative.
Even his virtuous and loving mother Frigga had sided against him this time.

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