(Block B Ver.) Mafia!AU x ArrangedMarriage!AU: You are on the run from him and go for a drink at a bar where his gang chills.

*Zico just walks up to you at the bar, he taps on your shoulder and you almost scream upon seeing him.*

Hey there, baby. What’s it been like?

You: Z-Zico, how did you f-find me? 

*He got close and gently pulled you off your seat towards the bar’s exit.*

I’ll always find you, Y/N. You’re going to be my wife, I gotta keep tabs on you.


Taeil: Yo, Jaehyo, ain’t that your woman over there?

Sure is.

*Jaehyo watched you from afar while a man came to your side, striking up conversation.*
Man: Hey, cutie. Come here often?
*You sheepishly smiled, waving the man away but he persisted.*
P.O: Jaehyo, that guy is gettin’ fresh with your wifey, dude!

I see that…Why don’t I say hi?
*Jaehyo’s way of saying hi was quite unique. It’s unique point was grabbing the man by the back of his shirt and punching him out cold.*
You: J-Jaehyo! *You stood up, shocked to see him.*

It’s time to come home, boo.


*You catch him out the side of your eyes, though you are drunk, you could never forgot his face. You stumble out of your seat and run to the bar’s exit. But it was too late. He was there with a equally if not more drunk, sweating face, panting with a duranged smile crept against his face.*

Long time no see, baby. Did you miss me?…‘Cause I sure as hell missed you.


I-Is that my Y/N?
*You don’t notice him until it’s too late. U-Kwon takes his time, walking up to you.*

You had my ass over here worried sick, not a call, not a text, your man couldn’t even get a damn telegram, babe?
*He sits across from you and gazes at you, still angry but he missed you too much to startle you so he just sits and stares until he’s ready to take you back home.*

*Listen, it’s been exactly three hours since P.O saw you at the bar with another man. P.O lost his mind seeing you there; to make a long story short, he shot the guy in the back and now he’s looking for you who is hiding behind the bar counter.*

Y/N! Get out here! We’re going home right damn now!
*You shivered at the thought of going back but if you waited any longer, he would really lose his mind. Technically speaking, he was perfectly sane right now. You poked your head over the counter.*

You’re a bad girl for making me wait, babe. Now, let’s get back to the warehouse, I got a nice tight little number for you to try on. Don’t worry about the size, you won’t have it on for long, anyways.


Y/N, I am going to blow your spine out tonight so you can never do another body roll again…

*He sees you from the bar, dancing with another guy. He sips on his soju, thinking off all the ways he could kill that guy and all the ways he’s going to make your legs numb tonight. He pesters with the decision he comes to one that is humorous and will scare the living daylights out of you. He comes up between you and the guy, dancing his signature, he sung with each shimmy.*

Y/N. You. Are. So. Dead. When. We. Get. Home.

*You’re in the upstairs bar over the club’s dancefloor, you see a familiar face dancing below you and pay attention when it shouts your name.*

Ayo, there’s my girl!

*You gasp, stand up and make for the exit but Taeil has a swarm of his men already behind you. You look back down at Taeil…*

Aww, yeah. Me and my wifey~! Gonna ump-tss, ump-tss all night!


Block B….

Block B: When you ask them to do aegyo.


“This is good enough right?”

*gets embarrassed*

“Gosh! What am I doing?”


*flat out wtf aegyo*


*does retarded aegyo that you find adorable*

“I am goooood.”

P.O.: {Gif Says It All}


*is confused*

“Like this?”


*does bunny ears for aegyo*

“I know I am cute. They don’t call me visual for nothing.”


*does cute aegyo*

“Did I do well jagiya?”

This gifs are not ours. Credit to all the owners.

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Bobby is really good so I’m honored that he thinks of me that way. I got to know him after ‘Show Me the Money’ ended and we exchanged contact information. He then messaged me through Kakaotalk, ‘Hyung, you are the mountain that I must climb over.’ So I messaged back saying, ‘This mountain has no place to rest nor a mineral spring. You have to climb up no matter what. So it’s probably going to be a hard climb.’ Bobby is probably going to do even better from now on because he is very talented. He is motivating me as well.
—  Block B’s Zico, speaking to 10Asia+Star Magazine, for their February 2015 issue