a very important 7 second video of Zico kissing all his members


if somebody asks who is block b, just show them this

Reasons why being a KPOP fan is hard work

KPOP is a way of life and I hate how people underestimate and misunderstand it everyday

1. Everyday we face the fear of a member leaving/group disbandment

2. Everyday we fear when they change their hair colour because we know its COMEBACK TIME = bye bye $$

3. Everyday we fear of announcement of dating news(i’m a'okay with dating but dating = fans leaving :“( and they don’t deserve that because of love)

4. Everyday we fear of announcement of army enlistment

5. Everyday we almost die of hard attack

6. Spending time we’d never get back streaming mvs and listening to our idol’s songs

7. Buying merchandise and albums

8. Concerts

9. Oppa (yes, you give me the most stress)

10. But in the end its always worth it. Always.