Please reblog so this can find z33zy’s followers. I knew z33zy before she was z33zy and as wonderful as she seemed on here I promise you she was 100x more than that.
I know Emily had a lot of friends on here so I thought I would share this.
I made this, I’m going to buy a huge floral spread but if anyone wants to chip in ill just order an even bigger one or two bouquets or how ever much I can. I get 40% off flowers through work so I thought we could all pitch in and I’ll sign the card from her extended family with a list of cities so her family can see how far her love spread. If you would like to send some on your own inbox me for the information. z33zy

Death is so hard to come to terms with
It’s hard to grasp that someone could be gone in a second.
I remember being awed by Emily. I thought she was one of the prettiest people I’d ever seen. Her eyeliner was always perfect and she looked like a fairy princess daily. She was kind. She was smart. She will be missed.

anonymous asked:

I'm scrolling through the z33zy tag amazed at how many people she touched. I came across your post. I did know her personally and she was even more amazing than she could possibly portray in here. She lost her battle with her diseases yesterday.

This completely shatters my heart. She was such a beautiful influence, thank you for letting me know.

Unfortunately I don’t check my messages often and I only got this now.

Shine on, you beautiful soul. I’ll see you in the stars.

Thank you, Anon.