Purchased from America this 1975 Kawasaki was fitted with a side car and still had all the side car attachments on the frame that needed grinding, cutting, some welding and than straightening to have it ready for restoration.
Working on this bike was made easy through good engineering by Kawasaki and parts still being available.

In the late 1960s Kawasaki, already an established manufacturer of two-stroke motorcycles, decided to make a 750 cc four-cylinder four-stroke sports motorcycle, but they were beaten to the market place by the Honda CB750. This postponed the Z1’s release until its displacement could be increased to 903 cc.

Production began in late 1972 with the first model arriving in Australia as a 1973 model; at the time it was the most powerful Japanese 4-cylinder 4-stroke ever built. The Z1 produced 82 bhp and had a maximum speed of 130 mph (210 km/hr).
It met with very positive reviews from the motorcycle press, who praised its smoothness, damped vibration, easy-starting , straight-line stability and linear acceleration.

Due to it’s huge popularity in the 70s the Kawasaki Z 900  has become a favourite among all collectors and is also one of my favourites.