Rich Californians balk at limits: ‘We’re not all equal when it comes to water’
After years of devastating drought, ultra-wealthy Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., faces water rationing, but residents feel aggrieved. If you can pay the price for more water, they argue, you should get it.

rich people resent the fact that being considered a “waterhog” is a bad thing, when people are literally dying due to lack of water. 8) meanwhile their grass is as green as ever. 

friendly reminder to fucking burn lawns down. 

Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries!

Now that there’s an english and a french in kancolle of course I couldn’t let this opportunity go.

(that was supposed to be a quick sketch and I went too far and at a point I went fuck it so result quality is… weird)


“The Unconventional Canvas Of Keith Haring” exhibition at LA’s Petersen Automotive Museum. 

Pictured: 1987 Honda CBR 1000F Hurricane, 1963 Buick Special, 1962 SCAF/Mortarini Ferrari 330 P2 Child’s Car, 1990 BMW Z1, 1971 Land Rover Series III 109 Station Wagon.