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the original post was out of order but please dont pull that "gay is used as a slur too sometimes" line because gay is often used in a derogatory way but it isnt a slur, it doesnt have the history and weight in it that queer does because it wasnt created by homophobes purely for abusive purposes the way queer was. we can reclaim it individually and be proud of it as a term but we're always going to have to be careful with it and sensitive about other peoples feelings on the matter bc its a slur

Starting from the 1890′s, gay was used as a slur for gay people, especially when they were doing sex-work. It has, contrary to the only popular meaning of “happy” (which it meant around the 12th century), the much less nice meanings “light, easy, lewd, wanton” and has a very promiscuous meaning. This meaning can be traced back to the 16th century, but it wasn’t used only for gay people at the time. In the 17th century it meant like “Of loose and immoral life” which leads us to the meaning associated with homosexuality that we know today. So they didn’t start using gay because it came from happy, they started using it for gay people because they felt gayness was immoral.

(I also read somewhere that the popular use of gay for gay people came from the term “gay cat” as in someone who works on the road and was usually looking for a quick lay, but I’m not sure how true this is - 1920′s America this is I think)

Started to be reclaimed by the gay community around 1920 (alongside queer!), but stayed used as a slur (and to describe it as an illness) definitely until around 1940. And I think around 1950/1955(?) that it’s considered reclaimed. 

Queer was the most common term used by gay men before WWI, and only gained its negative association afterwards.

ALSO when most of the “gay” reclaiming was happening in America, Europe didn’t feel comfortable with the word which has such a negative association, and thus in many countries people are using “queer” because of the eccentric nuance - one of my teachers said that the lgbt community has always had a really good sense of humour

It’s easy to forget that language evolves differently for different people, and though I’m in no way rejecting that queer was definitely used as a slur, gay has a very similar history hmmm

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How would Ut, Uf , and Us sans react if their s/o said they had to leave for a while because they felt like they were putting sans in danger by being with him?

UT!Sans: Babe, i appreciate it but c’mon. You’re living in a house of monsters. If anything, they can protect you. He doesn’t know who’s after you, but they don’t stand a chance against him, Papyrus and Undyne. If you still feel the need to leave after his long talk of trying to convince you to stay, he offers to help you. You’re not going to go through this alone. Besides, he can teleport you from safe house to safe house while still being near you.

UF!Sans: He starts laughing. ‘’That’s a fun joke, sweetheart. But you think I’d be in less danger because ya leave?’’ He’s not exactly popular among some monsters, and he can take whatever it is you’re throwing at him. He’s not letting you go off on your own with a potential threat around. Besides, have you seen him? He might scare them off for you without having to lift a finger himself. He’ll protect the both of you, promise.

US!Sans: He’s extremely worried for you now. And he wont let you leave without him, that would be stupid. You should know that The Magnificent Sans will be here to protect you. If it makes you feel safer, he’ll ask Papy to teleport him around to places. And he also drags you with him to training. That way you can see that he can protect himself and you, and you’ll also learn to protect yourself from both monster and human attacks.

Walter has a bad habit of shoving his face into his S/O’s/close friend’s body. Like, he’d come home after a long day and just kind of bury his face into their chest. Or if they’re on the couch, he’d plop down and lay his head on their lap and bury his face into their thighs. 

Or he’d also start just like, pinching and pressing his thumbs and fingers againt their face affectionately while making little sounds.