Lohari from ‘Echo Locations’ by Z. E Pangborn

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This is a cross section of Lohari’s spaceship. 

This pic will eventually end up colored (and crammed into the confines of a double page spread), but for now it exists as a large print (available at Volution Gallery).

I hope you enjoy. 

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Tesla’s House - Lindsey Way (Jessicka’s most recently shared new work is also in this exhibition)



Curated by Lori Nelson & Antony Zito

Opening Reception: Thursday Dec 11, 2014  6 - 9pm

Exhibition dates: December 11 - January 11, 2015

Gallery Hours: Wed - Sun 12pm - 6pm, and by appoitment

Mark Miller Gallery, 92 Orchard Street, NYC 10002. Free and open to the public.

In Spite of the Holidays, Beasticon II: Monstrous Art by Uncaged Creatures

“I fear no man, or beast, or evil, brother” - Hulk Hogan

As the holidays approach with their lacquered joy and retail crescendo, some may feel a rumble of discord within, anathema to the holiday spirit, causing them to turn away from the glitter. It is from this camp of malcontents and realists that curators Lori Nelson and Antony Zito selected their pack of 27 artists for Beasticon II: Monstrous Art by Uncaged Creatures hosted by Mark Miller Gallery at 92 Orchard Street on the Lower East Side in New York City, December 11, 2014 - January 11, 2015. 

Contributing work from Australia, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York City, this year’s Beasticon II artists range from emerging to mid-career and span social categories to include synthpunk band, Mindless Self Indulgence’s starlet, Lindsey Way, New York City street-performer-gone-Internet-sensation, Mathew Silver, culture-jamming activists, the Yes Men, as well as Mica Hendricks,  an artist mom famous for her exquisite collaborations with her 4 year-old.  Joshua Ben Longo, a creative consultant by day in Philly constructs grotesque but cuddly soft sculptures by night, and Emmie Campbell, a Brooklyn teen, spends many a school-hour on ink drawings that do nothing for her GPA but grab all who see them with their raw beauty. The large street front window of the gallery will become a work of beastly public art itself during installation-week as Bronx-based Tina Lugo, a self-described erotic artist and indulger of video-games and ‘90s cartoons, creates a full-fledged painting on glass in a style that marries Henry Darger with the Brothers Hernandez of Love and Rockets. As a celebration of the Beast, Beasticon II strives to sate the viewer, even the casual passerby, with meaty content in an environment of non-nutritive fruitcakes and nog by hauling out for consumption the Beast which dwells within. To Socrates’ observation that, “In all of us, even in good men, there is a lawless wild-beast nature, which peers out in sleep,” Nelson and Zito dare to add, “…and in the Holiday season.”