Today the skateboarding world lost a friend, a member of the family, and an absolute legend- Jay Adams.

From day one Jay has shaped skateboarding and the lives of people who knew him in such an impactful way. Jay was not just an original Z-Boy, an integral part in the history of Z-Flex, or a team rider for the brand- Jay was our friend and part of the family.

Skateboarding is lucky to have had such a fearless person pave the way for skateboarding today, and we’re lucky to have spent the time with him while we did.

We are truly shocked and saddened by this news today of the passing of Jay Boy, and we send our love and support to Jay’s family and loved ones.

We ourselves are still gathering all the details of what happened and how we can be there to support Jay’s friends and family in this time of loss, as well as to find a fitting way to pay respect to the ‘Original Seed of Skateboarding’. Any information we have, we will be issuing in the foreseeable future.

Our thoughts are with all who are grieving this loss and who have been touched by Jay throughout the years. Jay lived a bold life and we’re happy to know that in his final moments he was surrounded by his loved ones- living each day to the fullest and doing what he loved.

RIP Jay Boy- enjoying shredding the parks in Heaven.

- zflex