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~*Stanchez Appreciation Week 2017*~

~*Day One: Heist*~

(Read from Left to Right~)


Fractured (F-416) Rick and Stanley started heisting a lot since their young teens, and kept it up throughout their years of being together while traveling the different dimensions-

Stanley made it known to Rick that he wanted to help others who are less fortunate, so they steal from rich and greedy; and give most of what they get to those who need it.



Someone talk to me about how Dex and Nursey’s different upbringings will inevitably clash?

Like, Dex who comes from a family penny pinchers who clipped coupons like it was a sport. Dex, who’s worn hand-me-down clothes all his life, shops at secondhand stores, thinks a piece of clothing over $20 is expensive, never thrown out leftover food, and always buys the cheaper store brands.

Nursey, on the other hand, has always had an allowance that’s never run out, got a brand new vehicle for his sixteenth birthday, can afford to shop at higher end stores in the mall, gets a new phone/computer every year or so, and goes to Europe or Jamaica, or wherever every summer.

Someone talk to me about how they can never agree on money and gifts, but somehow, they find a way to compromise because they love each other and that’s always more important than any argument about money.

Given that Max has made such a powerful connection with Furiosa, why does he leave? [Co-screenwriter Nick] Lathouris says he believes Max has a repetition compulsion. ‘It’s a condition with an unresolved trauma, [where] you create or choose situations in your life that recreate the same trauma as an attempt to resolve it. In Mad Max 1, Max loses his wife and child and responded in an inappropriate way to their deaths. Instead of grieving, it’s too painful to really acknowledge that loss, so you turn and you blame somebody for it and then you kill them. And that cycle of revenge goes on and on and on. That’s why I think Mad Max might be such an important story to tell, and that’s why what’s broken is healed by love only. So that’s the lesson Max has to learn. At the end of Fury Road, he’s not ready yet to love. I think Furiosa is.’

The Art of Mad Max: Fury Road

Lathouris also says, “It’s about a man running away from his better self, and his better self catches up to him. It’s about a man that is ‘apart from’ at the beginning; he becomes a part of at the end. […] For the character of Max we had a little slogan […] which said, ‘Engage to heal,’ which means, as you become engaged, healing can happen, emotionally and spiritually.” 

Do you ever have a conversation with someone who is so pretentious, privileged, and narrow-minded that you have to wonder if you’re on Candid Camera or some shit because that stuff coming out of their mouth cannot possibly be real

Untold Stories of Les Mis: what the heck was going on in the life of the guy who switched clothes with Eponine before the barricade? Like, he wasn’t just trading his clothes for women’s clothes, he was trading them for rags  of women’s clothes. How was that a good idea to him, where did he go. what the heck was happening in his life that he needed a filthy, torn chemise and tattered skirt?? 


The Rich Man’s Daughter - 1x01 - “Has this ever happened to you? Where you see someone for the first time but when your eyes meet it’s like there’s something there that you just can’t grasp? It’s like you can see…and feel the person’s soul.”