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Are Gohan’s Muscles Possible For Real Kids?

New Video for those who happen to give a F*ck. Gohan, one of the most ripped muscular children in Anime History from the series Dragon Ball Z. 

But are his muscles possible for real life children?

Can kids train hard with exercise without damaging themselves and become buff like their favorite superheroes doing a Dragon Ball Anime workout. 

Well today we take a look and analyze how attainable is Gohan’s physique.



Krillin is definitely a good guy. I think his strength is his courage. He’s one of the guys that, even though his knees are knocking the whole time, he’s the first one to go in. Even if he knows he’s going to die, he goes in, even if it’s just to buy some time for his friends. - Sonny Strait (Krillin’s English Voice Actor)


(Holy shit my dudes this took too long.  Most comics will not be in this clean, colored style, but I really wanted my first comic for the blog to look nice so here.  Next up: how Jeremy actually discovers his powers.  That one will not be colored so it should be up much sooner.  Hope this was worth the wait - Mod Z.)

(Also for this AU, Jeremy, Michael, and Christine have all been friends since they were little kids.  Jeremy did have a crush on Christine back in middle school but it went nowhere and he grew out of it after realizing he’d rather just have her as a friend.)