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Do you happen to have a link to Underneath It All live with Gwen doing Lady Saw's rap?

Hoooo boy anon this sent me into some kind of youtube spiral. Anyway basically anytime she sings it she does the rap part now. It used to be a trumpet solo for Stephen (💖💖), I believe she took it over starting with the 2009 tour. I LOVE IT. 

2009: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iBntNaNkmEc

2011: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yA3_b_fT7bg

2012: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQX14JmH-Jo

2014: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_4w5OlSzWI&t=1299s (UIA at 14:20, rap at 16:35)

2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2o1rfXpD_0 (UIA at 5:00, rap at 7:15)

2016: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_z4JBihlHA 

Possible code inside one of the vivala.me videos?

I was transcribing the video on the home page of vivala.me and I noticed that between 0:48 and 0:49, there were a large amount of seemingly random letters that flashed across the screen. I’ve typed them all up here in the order they appeared in case anyone wants to investigate this. (It could be nothing but then again it could be something)

v z n t r f ]

rv j pnb ?

pt h n l z = 

nr f l j x; h up q a e l 

mq e ki w : ermn x b ?

l p dj hv/ b oj kuy<

ko ci gu. a ni jtx; mzp

jn bhft - zmh isw: ivl

jn bhft - ylghr v/ gtj

IMAGES, x kf gqu. f s i x z c p

jn bhft - ylghr v/ gtj

IMAGES, x kf gqu. f s i x z c p

IMAGES, wj e f p t - dqg u w zm

IMAGES, wje fpt - cpf suxk

IMAGES, VIDEOS, cpf qsvi

IMAGES, VIDEOS, boe pruh

IMAGES, VIDEOS, boe oqtg




It’s clear to me that the final group of letters is “decoded” into meaning “images, videos, and more”, but I’m not sure if it’s a real code or just the correct number of randomly generated letters. However, the first half of the letters seem to be totally random in number and arrangement so maybe someone would like to take a look!

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Show jumping : round 1 - 1st qualifier 

Fence 11a and 11b aka the definition of a problematic fence

  1. Yann Candele & FIRST CHOICE 15
  2. Toshiki Masui & TALOUBETDARCO K Z
  3. Cassio Rivetti & FINE FLEUR DU MARAIS
  4. Daniel Bluman & APARDI
  5. Nicola Philippaerts & ZILVERSTAR T
  6. Jur Vrieling & ZIROCCO BLUE
  7. Emanuele Gaudiano & CASPAR 232
  8. Isheau Wong & ZADARIJKE V
Here’s the thing...

I can totally picture how Liz’s meeting went. 

Z“Hi, it’s so nice to meet you!” 

L“Oh my gosh, it’s nice to meet you too! You guys were amazing last season!”

Z“Thanks, I just wanted to meet you and let you know you have my full support. I understand how this guy can get sometimes. Don’t take it personally, he’s always a bit of a grumpy pants.”

L“Haha yeah, I’m kind of catching on to that.”


Z“Don’t play like it isn’t true!”

Z“What dance did you guys get?” 

L“Contemporary! I’ve got a lot to live up to!”

Z“You know what just have fun and don’t let the stress get to you. I’m a pretty chill person but I got so much anxiety from this. Just enjoy the experience. If you need any advice on how to handle him let me know.”

L“You are so sweet, thank you for stopping by.”

A short and sweet meeting between two back to back partners…now how the hell does this work two years later?! What he does he introduce her as?! 

“Oh yeah I’d like you to meet my partner from 4 seasons ago. She’s going to be stopping by here a few times a week. Oh and we can’t have lunch together because I eat my meals with her. That’s cool with you, right?”


“ Hi I’m Zendaya, Val’s…….”

I racked my brain for years on this question. How on earth does this work? How do you explain her?

Every single one after her (and even one before) strikes up some form of relationship. It’s like they have some sort of silent understanding. Almost as if  they aren’t able to go ahead without her seal of approval. 

There is a line, they know they are not to cross and the ones that do…well, we’ve all seen what happens then.

It’s a conundrum that’s left me totally and completely confuzzled.