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Barcelona. Drabble.


She makes her way to the elevator, pressing the button to lead her down to the lobby where Tom would be waiting to take her out for dinner.

The elevator dings and she steps inside, absently fixing her curls behind her ears. Before the doors close, however, a hand pokes through and stops it from closing.

A guy in a white button down and black trousers enters the small space and Zendaya doesn’t even look up, just pulls her phone out to distract herself.


Her head snaps up reflexively at her name being called and she gasps when she finally looks at the man who’d hopped into the elevator with her. And the girl holding onto his arm.

“Hey! Val, Jenna!” She smiles in amazement. Val grins back at her even with this weird look on his face, and steps forward to pull her into a quick hug. She returns it with one arm and does the same with Jenna.

“This is crazy!” Jenna exclaims, “Small world, huh? So what’re you doing here?”

Zendaya steps back against the railing as Val presses the lobby button, eyes never leaving her. Jenna leans into his side as they move to the other side of the elevator.

“Oh, just promo for Spider-Man, you know.”

“Oh, how cool! Is that where you’re headed tonight?” Jenna asks, making a gesture towards Zendaya in her dress.

The younger girl blushes. Val’s eyebrows lift at that, hands diving into his pockets.

“No, I’m actually going out to dinner with a-with a friend.”

“Who?” He cuts in, voice edged with something Zendaya can’t quite place. She glances at him and he shuffles on his feet.

“Um, Tom.”

Val nods once, looking thoughtful.

At that moment, they reach the lobby and Zendaya inwardly says a word of thanks to up above as the elevator doors open.

She steps out, aware that both Val and Jenna are still trailing her. Before she can turn and say her goodbyes she catches sight of Tom standing up from one of the lobby lounge chairs, dressed to the nines and a small bundle of pink roses in his hand. Her stomach flutters a little at the sight but then she remembers her audience behind her and blushes.

She smiles at Tom when he approaches her and he grins back. “You look amazing, babe,” he compliments, handing off the roses and reaching up to press a quick kiss to her cheek.

“You wanna go check if the cab is here yet, Jenna?” Val asks, voice a bit louder than what would be considered normal.

Tom pays the couple no mind but Zendaya turns to catch Val pursing his lips, his jaw clenching subtly.

He nods at her, completely ignoring Tom as he leads Jenna towards the entrance of the hotel. She watches them leave, a thoughtful frown on her face.

“That was a bit weird, wasn’t it?” Tom remarks, settling his hand on her lower back as he leads her towards a different exit.

Zendaya glances once more over her shoulder. Across the large room, Val does the same. When their eyes meet his expression softens. He smiles softly at her, lips quirking into something bittersweet, which she really doesn’t understand at all, but then he’s out the door and the moment is gone.

Zendaya turns back around, ignoring the little shiver that goes down her spine.

“Yeah, really weird.”




HO L    Y   F U   C K   I   N   S    H    I   T

to my 13 year old self,

you have friends, and they’re almost too good to be true. they’re the type of friends you thought only existed in movies.

there’s 9 of them, 10 including you. 5 boys and 5 girls coincidentally.

you guys have movie nights together. go to the cinemas. meet up just to go on your phones. go clubbing. go around looking for haunted houses. travel. go on road trips. book holiday houses together. go out for breakfast, lunch, dinner and sometimes even dessert. during the summer you all spend almost everyday at the beach. you’ll go cliff diving, and on other crazy adventures. you’ll go to theme parks. you’ll find yourself spending all of december with them, spending the nights looking at christmas lights and the days watching christmas movies. on christmas day you’ll have a big dinner together like you’re a family. there are going to be friday nights where you start getting ready to go out before you even know you have plans, because all your plans with them are spontaneous. you’re going to drive to lookouts and talk about life while staring at the moon and the beautiful city underneath it that you used to despise. you’re going to get kicked out of supermarkets, clubs and parties. you’re going to fight, cry, love and grow with them.

and soon, you’re going to be sitting in a mcdonald’s booth with 9 other people at 3am on the last school night you’ll ever have. and you’re all going to be retelling stories about the funniest things that have happened to you all. you’re all going to be laughing so hard that you’re crying. and you’re going to realise that soon it will all come to an end, because high school doesn’t last forever.

and in that moment you’re going to understand why the most bittersweet feeling in the world is knowing how much you will miss a moment while you’re still living it. it will come crashing down on you. but do not let it destroy you.

because in time you’re going to fall in love with one of your best friends and he’s going to be all you’ll ever need. and you’ll realise why you had to go through so much shit. it will all fall into place.

One day you’re going to be crying so hard you can’t breathe, and the next you’re going to be trying to figure out a way to tell your friends that you and your best friend just got engaged.

It might not feel like it now, but I promise you everything will work out.

Possible code inside one of the vivala.me videos?

I was transcribing the video on the home page of vivala.me and I noticed that between 0:48 and 0:49, there were a large amount of seemingly random letters that flashed across the screen. I’ve typed them all up here in the order they appeared in case anyone wants to investigate this. (It could be nothing but then again it could be something)

v z n t r f ]

rv j pnb ?

pt h n l z = 

nr f l j x; h up q a e l 

mq e ki w : ermn x b ?

l p dj hv/ b oj kuy<

ko ci gu. a ni jtx; mzp

jn bhft - zmh isw: ivl

jn bhft - ylghr v/ gtj

IMAGES, x kf gqu. f s i x z c p

jn bhft - ylghr v/ gtj

IMAGES, x kf gqu. f s i x z c p

IMAGES, wj e f p t - dqg u w zm

IMAGES, wje fpt - cpf suxk

IMAGES, VIDEOS, cpf qsvi

IMAGES, VIDEOS, boe pruh

IMAGES, VIDEOS, boe oqtg




It’s clear to me that the final group of letters is “decoded” into meaning “images, videos, and more”, but I’m not sure if it’s a real code or just the correct number of randomly generated letters. However, the first half of the letters seem to be totally random in number and arrangement so maybe someone would like to take a look!

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