z one

Long fic writers

Special shout out to long-fic writers who churn out what are essentially novels and for doing it for free. Purely because you have so much love to give to your fandoms. You guys are awesome.

me: *gets someone to watch my favorite anime*

me: “I can’t wait for them to see my favorite character”

me: *remembers favorite character is an asshole*

me: …….

me: “I can’t wait to defend my favorite character”

Being interviewed like

interviewer: so what are some of your skills?

me: professional anime watcher

Inktober day 26. Another one of those attempts at practicing perspective. I’m not good at perspective and I didn’t use a ruler, so the perpective is wrong and the lines are crooked! Yay!

And if you’re wondering what is that little thing on the floor

it’s Pocket Fi sweeping with a tiny broom.