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Dear Time Patrollers,
Today, we are excited to share some news about the first major update and DLC pack for Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2! The update for the game will be available on Dec. 20th and will consist of a free update for all players and the content of the first DLC pack (available through the Season Pass or purchased individually).

Let’s begin with the free updates:
- New skill for SSGSS Goku: Awakened Skill Kaioken times 10!
- New skill for Hit: Awakened Skill Pure Progress
- 6 new costumes
- 4 new attacks
- A new event for everyone: Frieza’s Siege! Be ready to defend Conton City against Frieza’s Army, there are 10 new Jersey costumes to win!
- A new Raid Quest featuring Evil Yamcha, with an exclusive title to win!
- 5 new teachers: Future Gohan, Bardock, Cooler, Android 16, Whis
- 20 new attacks

The first DLC pack will be available at the same time and here is a glimpse into it’s content:
- 2 new playable characters: Cabbe (with his Super Saiyan transformation) and Frost (Final Form). Check out those lovely screens!
- One new master: Hit
- 5 new attacks
- 3 new Parallel Quests
- 2 new costumes
- 5 Super Souls
- 2 emotes

You can get the content from the first DLC pack with the Season Pass or by purchasing it individually!


I couldn’t find a Gohan one so I just made one for you