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I heard somewhere on DeviantArt that you had to make a new account because you drew Ted x Chris (or something gay) art on Z-Doodler one time and since your country is homophobic some shenanigans happened. Is that true or is that a fake rumor?

I see this everywhere
It’s a fake rumor, my old account was kind of a mess so I created a new one.
That’s it.

Btw I deleted that Chris x Ted pic because I simply didn’t like it and uploading it was a mistake.

Latest drawings. I’m feeling festive and I tried to draw Ted and Chris. Shoot me now I messed up on them so bad but meh. I am working on a new story that includes the two dudes. And no. I DONT SHIP THEM CUZ THEYRE MORE LIKE BROTHERS THAN BFS. Mkay? Chill. I just don’t ship them.