z cutie


Moar little red au  (*ノ º □ º )ノ ♥


Z-Cutie a la Monster High

(Tumblr makes the post crappy so please click it for a better view!)

A character that some of you might remember that I portrayed before, you can see the pic HERE

I decided to turn her into a MH doll and draw her in a similar style that the official art just for fun =)

Edit: I forgot to add her full name MH style, she’s Z-Cutie daughter of Re-animator (not the most clever name but it’s what I’ve, I’m not good with the Tales of the Crypt logic for names MH has xD)

In the Way house
  • Bandit: *about 17 y/o going to her first party* Dad will you help with my eye liner? It wont go right.
  • Gee: *walks over to the bathroom seeing the mess on his daughters eyes* the hell did you do? *laughs slightly*
  • Bandit: Daaddd *groans*
  • Gee: alright alright. *does her eye make-up perfectly* hmmm we need to do something with your lips. BABE?! *calling out to lyn-z*
  • lyn-z: Yes, Darling? *peeks into the bathroom at her adorable duo*
  • Gee: Lips.
  • Lyn-z: *nods with a shimmer in her eyes looking at Gee* ofcouse *does her perfect blood redlipstick on bandit*
  • Perfect.
  • Gee: perfect.
  • Bandit: *looks in the mirror* HOW THE HELL DO YOU TWO KNOW HOWNTO DO THIS?!?

“Typically you don’t see the Rammstein guys interact directly with the crowd too much. However, I was front row and brought a posterboard and wrote “Bitte, ein Pick für mich!” (please, a pick for me!). I took it out at one point, Richard saw it, grabbed a pick from his mic stand, gave it to the security guard and pointed at me. The guard brought it over and I got cheered like hell by the people around me.“

A fan experience from the 2012 Rammstein show at the Palace in Auburn Hills, MI