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sandofthemountain  asked:

So we know that Ghirahim has a third form, a halfway between human and sword. Does Fi have one of those? What would she look like?

Since Ghirahim’s 2nd form is basically just his human skin cracking and revealing bits of his true self, I imagine Fi’s 2nd form would be the same.

Fi’s cape merges straight onto her body (because magic) and her cracks are generally more symmetrical than Ghirahim’s. It’s a lot less noticeable cause Fi still keeps her clothes on.

“The New Suit” - models: Irina Kulikova, Franzi Mueller, Zen, Ragnhild, Josefin Gustafsson - photographer: Kai Z Feng - fashion editor: Anne-Marie Curtis - hair: Romina Manenti - make-up: Naoko Scintu -Elle UK August 2014