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“King H-O, y'all should know by now, but if you don’t know, uh, millions on the wall in all my rooms, niggas couldn’t fuck with my daughter’s room, niggas couldn’t walk in my daughter’s socks, Banksy bitches, Basquiat…" 

Jay Z, dressed as Jean-Michel Basquiat, standing next to his 1986 piece "GE (Alert)” by Basquiat and Andy Warhol. What you know about Jigga’s art collection? He puts numbers on the board.

And here’s the second part!!! This one goes to @evartandadam with THIS BEAUTIFUL PICTURE. I’ve been staring at it for so LONG wondering if I’d ever be able to fit it in, and I could T~~T Please read the wonderful analysis under the pic too!!!

Here’s the first part of this guy, and the whole fic on AO3.

EDIT: Here’s the next part!

…There were more feels then intended @___@

And Ignite Your Bones

    Genos looked down at his deep blue robes, making the final adjustments to his obi while his teacher stood behind him doing the same. For a moment Sensei’s hands idled and wandered and slipped, and with a rustle of black silk they snaked around his belly.

    Lips pressed against Genos’ neck and he shivered. “Yes, Sensei?” he laughed, dipping his head forward.

    More kisses answered him first. “Nothin’.”

    “Nothing? All these cuddles are for nothing, then?”

    “…Is it weird?”

    “No…” He tilted his jaw to the side as an eager mouth pushed forward. “But…I’ve been getting many cuddles for nothing, lately.”

    “…I like this yukata on you.”


    Sensei hovered for a second. “I…like your belt, too.”

    “I assumed. You spent a while on it… What were you doing, Sensei?”

    “Eh…” You could hear the flush on his cheeks. “Just getting the knot right.”


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joliene1  asked:

How do you draw your cute little Genjis?

[[I’m not very good at explaining it but here is a video with no audio but sped up to show how I draw them (was lazy to add in any audio/music, sorry!)

Here are the genjis from the video:

Hope that helps to show how I doodle for each ask! Its basically a lot of Ctrl+Z on the key board until I get the desired curves or straight lines on the character. If there are any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask!]]