z badge


I don’t know if anyone has brought this up yet or not. I’m watching the first episode of the Z series and Sawyer (the boy from Hoenn travelling Kalos with his Grovyle) has these 5 badges. Notice how 3 of them are different than Ash’s. It looks like a fire, water and flying type gym are ALSO in Kalos somewhere. Sawyer is travelling Kalos, just like Ash. I think this may be a hint at some of the gyms we’ll see in Gen 7? Pokemon Sun and Moon? If so, then the new region would definitely be connected to the Kalos we know from X and Y. 
Although- I know that doesn’t exactly mean the next game is connected to Kalos. I know that Gary in the first season had 10 badges that Ash didn’t have in Kanto. There IS a lot still left unanswered in Kalos though, so I’m hopeful


Disney gym leaders!

1st Beast ghost gym (Litwick & Chandelure) Chandelier Badge

2nd Snow White grass gym (Bellossom & Deerling) Apple Badge

3rd Ariel water gym (Luvdisc, Clawitzer & Mantine) Seashell Badge

4th Aladdin fire gym (Infernape, Talonflame & Magmortar) Lamp Badge

5th Tiana bug gym (Beautifly, Ninjask & Flygon) Bayou Badge

6th Elsa ice gym (Vanillite, Crygonagal & Glaceon) Viking Badge

7th Kim steel gym (Metagross, Porygon-z & Lucario) Stitch Badge

8th Mulan dragon gym (Sliggoo, Charizard & Haxorus) Dagger Badge