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Jealous lovers - Zouis

Soooo, jealousy posts are a big thing, for L/arry and Z/iam especially, and even thought there are some great gifsets out there (or collections like Louis reacting to Z/iam moments) I haven’t really seen that many posts on Zouis being jealous or defensive. I’ve gotten a few requests to make a post about it, and I’ve been meaning to do it for a long time. One of the reasons I got into Zouis in the first place was because I was watching L/arry proof videos, but I kept seeing how Zayn was in these moments a lot. Basically I couldn’t see the L/arry because Zayn blinded me… ^^’’’ Most of the moments propbably aren’t even jealousy, but since the other shippers do it… We might as well do it too. This is gonna be pretty tinhatty, but it’s all reaching for every ship anyway, so I’m gonna make us all some Zouis.

So let’s look at some moments of Zouis seemingly not ok with the other part getting or giving attention from someone else.

This is a LOOOONG masterpost. Because Zouis are jealous as f*uck!

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Zouis love spending time together

L/arry and Z/iam might be real, or any other pairing for that matter. But as a Zouis-shipper there is one thing that I find it odd that no other shippers notice or take seriously. I have read a lot from a lot of different shippers, and especially when it comes to L/arry a big question is: But when do they spend time together? And how do they manage to keep the relationship going when they can’t be together properly? Especially since Harry “lives” in LA. A lot of people bring up that long-distance work and that they can in fact be together more often than we think, we just don’t get to see it. But it’s here that for me Zouis gets in the way of other pairings. Because Zouis just seem to be together all the time… And this is something I’ve also seen many recently commenting on as a “smokescreen” or promoting Zouis and that it really is a “fake relationship/friendship” to make people not notice the absence of L/arry. I find this very insulting honestly, because even with all the troubles lately, Zouis has always seemed genuine. Even from the start. SO, I felt the need to ask this question back. WHEN exactly is L/arry and Z/iam together when Zouis basically spend all their time in each other’s personal space?

This is going to be a  masterpost about all the time Zouis actually spend together.

First the obvious… The things we get to see, when they are working.

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When it comes to Zouis...

I feel like a lot of people just refuse to see it.

Like today I found this GIF in a L/arry post.

I obviously see Zouis. Just look at Louis turning and staring at Zayn, but then the L/arries only focus on Louis and Harry being in the frame together. This seems to happen a lot. All of the following GIFs (unless otherwise told) are from L/arry posts.

This one was on another L/arry blog with something like “When you see Harry/your girlfriend”   BUT it’s Zayn he’s looking at though… Or at least that seems more likely an option.

And I even found these with a text like “Jelous Louis“ because Liam is pulling Harry’s leg… (This is probably the most ridiculous one.)

Yes, that is why he is obviously pulling Zayn away. To make Liam and Harry stop.

Or here, the second one. “OMG Harry and Louis are so close“ (I added the first one for more Zouis, so not from a L/arry post)

Or like this one, which indeed does have Harry looking at Louis (though he turns to Niall first).

And HERE THEY EVEN CUT ZAYN OUT!! I mean, to me at least, it is very obvious that Zayn and Louis are looking at each other here.

And this one said “Is he trying to stop them or join them.“ Which is actually quite funny… But still.

Even though this is not L/arry but Liam… It still proves my point of ignoring Zouis.

Same with this one… It’s again “Jelous Harry“ (Why Louis would do this in front of him if L/arry is real is another thing.) I mean, even if Harry is in it… Why still deny the Zouis? At least make it Zourry.

I mean, I get it… I  have made videos and called them “Turning it into Zouis“. What is bothering me is that so many don’t seem to see the Zouis at all. Even when it’s obvious. And sooo many fans when thinking who are the closest in 1D just jump to L/arry and Z/iam… I mean all the boys are close. But I just don’t like how Zouis who are so close it’s silly keep getting forgotten, or straight up ignored! No matter what you ship you can’t deny Zouis being super close!

Sorry, i just had to vent a little… and it got turned into some type of tiny masterpost. (Just took the first GIFs I could find) ^^’‘‘ Oh well, more Zouis at least. And again, this is nothing against any other ships, I just got tired of Zouis not getting the attention it deserves.

Zouis <3

The Zouis Saga - Part 1 “Before 1D“

This is a series of sorts, which will show Zouis in the beginning. Because I am so tired of seeing people claiming Zouis weren’t close until later on. Many L/arries and Z/iams claim that their ship is the realest because it was so from the start. I’m sorry but I don’t think they’ve noticed how Zouis got close since day one.

I wasn’t planning to post this yet, since the second part is barely started on yet. But I saw that @wong-direction is having a bad day, so I dedicate this to you Astrid! I hope it helps to distract at least a little bit love~ (She’s amazing, any Zouis lover should check her out!) <3

I’ll start it of with everything that happened up until they went to the judges house in Marbella, because believe it or not, plenty of Zouis happened.

I mean, the first time we see Louis (properly) is with Zayn so…

But I am actually going to start before the beginning. Because you wouldn’t believe how much of soulmates these two are. You want to talk about fate? This is is!

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