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I love how all of docs remedies for shit is just like:

“Idk, I saw this on survivor man one time”

“I don’t have the right drug for this, so I’m gonna mix all of these random ones and hope for the best”

“I think you have ______ disease so I’m going to give you this complete guesstimate of a cure and see if you die or not”

Like I’m pretty sure if it were real life zombie apocalypse he would have killed at least 20 people by now from wrongly diagnosed diseases or misidentified medicinal plants…….
I still love him tho, he’s saving everybody no matter who they are

Poised | 10k Oneshot

Character | 10k

Warnings | Other than some cursing, nothing and I really hope you like it and that it’s not too bad <3

Word Count | 1138

Request | @katykarnivore Hey! I was hoping to make a request? Maybe something about 10k and the reader, where the reader actually saves 10k from a Z and that’s how they meet and 10k is very impressed with how badass the reader is and by the end they’re together or kiss. You can add to or take away. Thank you! 😊

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i think my favorite thing about Addy Carver is that shes a type of tough that women aren’t usually allowed to be.

Theres plenty of black widow, secret agent, deadly assassin women in media. They look beautiful and deceptively calm and when they strike it is almost like dancing. Like a viper, elegant and fast and effective. Their violence is completely stripped of aggression. 

or it’s the other way. The “tom boy” or the “butch” where the character eschews any scrap of femininity and shows nothing But aggression. Either way the character gets flattened into a square, and then usually paved over by a “tragic backstory” that is intended to add depth but just serves to prove that women only fight cause they’re damaged. Any character development comes with the female turning away from her violent ways and “learning to love”. 

Addy gets to throw down like a barroom brawler. She gets to growl and grunt and fight with brute force and fury. Then she gets to check her eyebrows. She gets to hug and cry and be aware of her own beauty. She loses no aspect of herself because she can fight. It’s never denounced by the narrative or shown to be a symptom of her trauma. or an impediment to her happiness. Its actually framed as heroic. The way she fights and the way she cares are narratively what make her shine.

I just really love Addy Carver