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Your First Kiss - Zayn/Harry Preference


The two of you were walking hand in hand around the quietpark, enjoying the silence that came with your first date. He looked down at you and he wasn’t sure if it was the moonlight in your hair or the way you were smiling to yourself as your hands fit perfectly with each other, but he just couldn’t help stare at the gorgeous girl next to him.

Suddenly, he turned and led the two of you down an unfamiliar route, you looked up at him worriedly and he squeezed your hand for reassurance. He turned again, leading you into a quiet and dimly lit alleyway, causing your breath to quicken and your heartbeat to accelerate.

“Z-Zayn… w-where are we g-going?” you stuttered out, frightened at where he was leading you. “Just relax babe, trust me on this one” he said soothingly, allowing you to completely relax as the two of you continued to walk down the alleyway, another being nowhere in sight.

He came to an abrupt stop which caused you to stumble back as you looked up into his beautiful brown eyes, dimly lit by the streetlamps, a spark flying through your veins like you had never imagined. He slowly backed you up against the cold wall and smiled down at you as he bought a hand up to your cheek, caressing it softly, while his other hand wrapped around your waist, pulling you closer to his warm body as you inhaled his scent.

Your breathing instantly increased, growing heavier by the minute as the moment between the two of you grew more and more intimate as he leaned in closer and closer and closer.

He closed his eyes, his lips connecting with yours as they ignited a fire in your body. Immediately responding, you kissed back, your hands wrapping around his neck, pulling him closer to you, the two of you losing yourself completely in the blissful kiss.

He gently caressed your cheek, smiling into the kiss content with whatever was happening. After a few moments, the two of you pulled back, your cheeks now red and flustered, your lips parted slightly as if you were just processing what had happened.

His thumb gently stroked your parted lips and he looked at you with adoration in his eyes. “You look so beautiful right now Y/N… I, I just couldn’t help myself” his voice coming out as a soft whisper. You looked down and blushed as you reached for his hands and held them in yours. “I’m really glad you did that Zayn” you mumbled back, unable to meet his eyes, a sudden shyness taking over your demeanour.

He used his fingers to tilt your head upwards as he gazed into your eyes. “Really? And why’s that love?” he whispered. You bit your lip nervously and cast your gaze down to his neck. “Because now I can do this” you muttered before leaning forwards and connecting your lips again, a jolt of electricity rushing through you as sparks ignited for a second time.


“Harry. No. You just don’t fucking understand okay! Do you even know how hard it is to love someone who won’t love you back?!” you screamed out, standing in your living room as you tried wiping the tears off your face.

“Then explain it to me Y/N… tell me who that guy is! I can’t stand to see my best friend in pain like this” he said, his voice much calmer than yours.

He had walked in a few minutes ago when he had accidentally heard you talk to someone on the phone, mentioning something about a guy not liking you back. You were furious as hell but you couldn’t bring yourself to dislike his actions, since he was the one that the conversation was about… but luckily, he hadn’t heard his name which caused the argument to spark.

“I-I can’t Harry… I just know he won’t like me back…” you mumbled much quieter than before, your eyes now focused on the pattern of your top as you picked at the hem. You heard feet shuffling and you looked up to be met with bright green eyes piercing yours.

“Don’t be stupid Y/N. Do you realised how beautiful you are? How your smile instantly lights up anyone’s day, how your hugs just make people feel a million times better, or how your personality just makes you completely irresistible?!” he whispered, the softness in his voice overpowering your senses.

“Please Y/N please… just tell me” he whispered, his voice leaking with desperation as he took your trembling hands in his large ones, the warmth encasing them straight away. You closed your eyes and pursed your lips, preparing yourself for what was about to come.

“I-it’s you” you breathed out so quietly, that you weren’t even sure that he had heard it… but you were wrong. “M-me?” he asked, his voice laced with uncertainty. You opened your eyes and looked into his, scared of his reaction. You couldn’t say anything so you let out a simple nod, only wanting to turn back time.

He breathed out a sigh of relief before breaking out into a smile. You raised your eyebrow, completely confused at his behaviour.

“I’m so glad you said that” he breathed out and instantly smashed his lips to yours, warming them up immediately.

You kissed back after overcoming the shock and tenderly poured every ounce of love you held for this boy into a simple kiss.

Seconds later, the two of you pulled apart, his forehead resting against yours. “I guess one good thing came out of me being early”

“Really? And what was that”

“I got you.”


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