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I know we know that Zendaya was the one to ask Tom out but I seriously think Tom tried/or did ask Zendaya out but she's known to friend zone a lot of guys so I think she accidentally friend zoned him. Then she realized that she really liked him and had to ask him once she realized her mistake. I doubt Tom never tried to ask her out.

Okay, I’m going to answer this based on what I know about Z from her relationship advice, parts 1 through 5 on her App.  I just rewatched all 5 parts.  In part 2, her definition of friendzone is, thank you, but nope.  In part 5, Z says she doesn’t know how to flirt and accidental friendzoning is her way of flirting.  

So we have friendzoning which means nope and accidental friendzoning which is Z’s way of flirting.   

That said, here are some hypothetical scenarios that may have transpired between Z and Tom.  

1.  Z friendzoned Tom, then started liking him and accidentally friendzoned him which sent Tom mixed signals and he stayed in the friendzone until she asked him, look, I like you, are we doing this or are we not?

2.  Z never friendzoned Tom, but accidentally friendzoned him and he stayed in the friendzone until she asked him, look, I like you, are we doing this or are we not?

Take your hypothetical pick.  


Logic FT Alessia Cara & Khalid - 1-800-273-8255 (Official Video) (New)


“The Fireflies Guy”. 

There’s a few more that aren’t in my itunes library as well. (a lot of his blog tracks and hymns) Sure that 1 song about lightning bugs from one of his many albums is great but I urge people to listen to everything else he’s done too ❤️


Some older anime themed valentine cards for you to share digitally or print out! I had so much fun making ones last year, I decided to do it again. (And this year I even remembered to post them BEFORE Valentine’s day! lol). Click on each image to view them full size to save, or download the full sheet to print them out all at once! Enjoy! 😘


Gods of Destruction and their speculative name meanings!

  1. Iwen = Wine
  2. Helles/Herres/Jerez = Sherry (Jerez means sherry in Spanish, Jerez is pronounced like herres)
  3. Mosco= moscato
  4. Quietela = tequila
  5. Arak = arak (anise flavored alcohol)
  6. Champa = champagne
  7. Beerus = beer
  8. Liquir = Liquor
  9. Sidra = Cider
  10. Rumoosh = Rum
  11. Vermoud = vermouth
  12. Jin/Geen = gin

Note: spelling and meanings may change as the official English translations are made available!