MTV interview with Zendaya

Él es demasiado lindo, demasiado simple, demasiado frío.
Es más lindo cuando sonríe.
Pero él apenas lo hace,
se ve triste a veces, serio.
Me gusta verlo alegre, con una mirada feliz en esos hermosos ojos celestes.
Él es diferente,
pero me gusta.
Y es divertido, y siempre tiene algún comentario sarcástico para mi
y yo lo quiero.
Y me gusta escucharlo,
aunque apenas hable,
su voz es linda
como él.

Grabe bakit super gusto kitang ihug sa sobrang cute mo. Ugh babae ba talaga ako or nababakla na ko sayo WAHT DAW HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Feeling nam naman ako dito na ginagawa lahat mapansin lang ni shone jusko mag majorette na din ba ako or magpa-top sa class or magpaputi kaso mahirap yon hays di ako mapansin pansin eh ouchie HAHAHAHAHA

discordeddohvapony asked:

Lol, I see that you're a big DBZ fan

You have no idea….

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again There are many anime shows out there that I say have waaayyy better stories (FMA brotherhood, Attack on Titan, Cowboy Bebop, etc) than DBZ but it all comes down to this. As a kid I was severly picked on by buff kids because I was a chubby anime fanboy. they would make fun of my dbz shirts and say I would never look like them and then they slapped me around trying to test me, Beat me up, and just made fun of me. I’d come home and feel so horrible but then I would watch DBZ and seeing a character like Goku who was buff and strong but so kind and treat everyone he was stronger than with respect and as equals really touched me. I wanted to be just like him so I said if I ever got strong and buff I’d be just like him. Basically DBZ was there when i needed it when i was just so depressed and I will always love it over any other anime I see just for that. I will love this show until my soul travels on.

And the fact there is a new Series coming out had me like 

It helped my Youtube as well haha https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFBBFuhQc275ISHIQnkzSZg