[wow, where have i been? this video <3 LOOKS 2 TRY, THE MOVES <3 goddamn, i don’t even care about this song or the movie or but this music video is really <3]

To my first love,

I hate that I know your routine.

That you you’re busy until 5:40 every Tuesday and Thursday. I hate that I know where you work, that school stresses you out, that you’re torn between two jobs, and that you can never decide what to do with your hair.

I hate that you’re the last person that told me they loved me, and I hate that I can still feel your unwanted touch. The physical pain you caused me. The pain you caused me because I let you, because I thought you were my best friend. Because I love you.

I loved you.

But you don’t love me, you don’t respect me, and what happened a few weeks back wasn’t my fault.

I’m still coming to terms with it all.
Please let me forget, let me fall out of love. 


to the man on the train,

i sensed something off about you the moment you stepped on the train. you leaned over to get something out of your bag and your face went way too close to mine - i brushed it off. but then you sat on the floor of the train right next to where i was standing, you got a good glimpse up my skirt right? i brushed that off too, decided not to make a big deal out of it. i mean maybe i was being paranoid. so i moved away from you to get a seat and you had the audacity to follow me and take the seat next to me. what did you think you would accomplish from fucking groping my leg and then mocking me for the next 20 minutes after i flinched straight away? again, i didn’t say anything. i didn’t even look at you, i was too scared that if i gave you a reaction it would only provoke you more. so i kept my eyes on my phone pretending i was watching a movie when in reality i was listening to you say disgusting things about me.

did my short skirt turn you on? were my legs covered by stockings too much to resist? where my trembling hands holding my phone and me flinching every time you moved not a good enough indication for you to fuck off?

i am 15 years old but could probably pass as a 12 year old. You looked at least 30. I take the train every day of my life and you are the second man who has sexually harassed me on a train.

i wont tell anyone because i know im being dramatic but if i see you on that train again i won’t hesitate to scream like you murdered someone.


Aka the little girl in that tempting school uniform you seemed to take a liking of