Dear EBC,

That day, you made my heart beat faster than anyone else. But I blamed it on the drugs. Just like your friends blame your confession on drugs.

I still look for you secretly, because out loud would make people talk. And they never say anything good. You tell my friends that we’re over. Past the expiration date. I wasn’t aware you’ve been keeping time. I haven’t.

I should’ve kissed you when I had the chance. Now only our eyes meet; just a little too long for us to be called ‘just friends’.

Maybe when we’ve grown up.

- I

askv4xelen  asked:

Oh, another shadowloid! You're the second one I've met. You're a lot different from the Miku's I know, is there any specific genre you like to sing?

“Curious on how am I a lot different in your perspective. . but that can wait for another day I guess. I didn’t know another shadowloid lurks around here though… wonder who would it be.”