These fun cat toys were made with scrap pieces of felt. Stuffed with scrap pieces of t-shirt remnants. You could add a bell or squeaker before you sew it up. Not intended for a dog toy.. They get a little rough, especially with felt. 

In the last pic, you will notice, a grey pet bed.. this is also made out of scrap fabric and remnants. I just simply made a 4" diameter fabric tube and sewed it to a sandwich style stuffed based.. all material used were scraps.



Lost and Found

Sometimes, I would go to places I haven’t been and get lost intentionally (there’s always something about discovering things that catches my interest). Then I would make friends with the walls and buildings, because probably the next time I would be there, the people would be different but the walls and buildings would be there to welcome me.


Lightweight year in review… They tried to take the bul’s crown fr this year! But ya neva knew it bc I neva showed it, or posted about it! I just handled it like the King I b! Much success to yall in the NEW YEAR even if you wish me the opposite! Sc… #Yzzo


Almost caught my face on fireee lol #smartmove #yzzo #Arson 📷 @blazingdaya