3 Artist MEME - Kannibal, Yysil, Yorugami

Day 2 progress - So I received Yysil’s sketch yesterday and started inking about 20% of it yesterday before taking a break.

Today I broke out the Nightvale Podcast and listened to it while inking. Kannibal said something about how my style of inking reminded her of Art Nouveau style…so I couldn’t help myself and added more.

Now to wait for the finished ink of Kannibal’s dragon boy from Yysil. Then to COLOR STAGE!


The 30 day Monster Girl Challenge

Lol, what have I gotten myself into now.  Could it be I possibly bit off more than I could chew?  I haven’t even beaten project 365!  

Anyway, this challenge is something I saw on one of my best friends wall.  Yysil, then found out a couple of our other friends are doing it too.  Fair enough, seems interesting.  So…  hell yeah let’s do eet.  Seems like a bunch of other people are doing it too and here’s the itinerary.

Day 1 Harpy
Day 2 Centaur
Day 3 Slime
Day 4 Naga
Day 5 Mermaid
Day 6 Spider Girl (I wound honestly want to skip this one cause as you can see I’ve already done one… but ok fine I’m game)
Day 7 Plant Girl
Day 8 Octomaid
Day 9 Demon
Day 10 Succubus
Day 11True Monster
Day 12 Zombie
Day 13 Insect Girl
Day 14 Dullahan
Day 15 Dragon/Reptile Girl
Day 16Ghost
Day 17 Robot
Day 18 Alien
Day 19 Cyclops
Day 20 Satyr
Day 21 Canine Girl
Day 22 Feline Girl
Day 23 Yōkai
Day 24 Multiple Limbs
Day 25 Favorite Monster Girl Type
Day 26 Favorite Monster Girl Character
Day 27 A Truly Gruesome Girl
Day 28 A Group of Monster Girls Together
Day 29 A Monster Girl and Her Significant Other
Day 30 Celebrate Monster Girls! - I feel like substituting this one… we’ll see.

I’ve already penciled my harpy.  Will be uploading it tonight, after I do some work.  Can’t wait!