Yo! Here’s my final set of the Yu Yu Hakusho Shipping mugs (unless someone requests another ship and that’s fine with me)! They are available right now on my Society6 store! :D 

GenkaGuro Mug  | Koenmotan Mug | UraYukimura Mug | Touyama Mug | Kurtan Mug | Senstuki Mug

KuwaMeshi Mug | YuHi Mug | Kuwama Mug | KuwaKina Mug | KuraHi Mug | Jouya Mug | KuraMeshi Mug 


My YYH Merch: Part 59

YYH Clear Folder

I mainly bought this (for WAY more money than it was worth, honestly) because I had only ever seen the 2nd image in very low quality, and I’m kind of like, I don’t know, a YYH official art hunter (all I ever did in middle school was save YYH pictures on floppy disks lmao). And this was just such a great buy, because, well… I got to see this:

Hiei in a crop-top


Those boxes I just reblogged are the boxes these blind box straps come in. There’s 7 sets in all. The secret straps are (in order): Yoko Kurama, Koenma, Young Genkai, Sleeping Hiei, Mazoku Yusuke, Botan, and Shura. These straps came out in 2014 and are now discontinued, but you can still buy them online.


Yu Yu Hakusho merch — trading cards

I’m not usually much of an anime fan, but back in the 90s, I was such a gigantic YYH fan that I did something I’ve never done before or since — collect as much anime merchandise as I could get my hands on!!! Which wasn’t a lot, to be honest, because I was a poor kid and also didn’t have access to a lot of Japanese stuff. But I do love the small collection I did manage to amass, mostly stationary with some cards and CDs. :D Yay YYH!