Hey, girl from rundle station who got on bus 32 on april 25 2013 in Calgary and asked me about my blue hair and what I used to dye it; please find me.

You have blonde hair, about 4'5"-5'0", pink skirt, black leggings. Cutest face ever (not trying to be a creep, trying to be descriptive!) You had an issue getting your bus pass out. You sat in front of the back door and I got off behind the dollarama when you talked to me. You said you tried manic panic dye but it bled and you looked like a weird smurf or something. I told you I use N’ Rage and get it from Sally’s.

Anyway, I’m not trying to stalk you but you seemed cool and fun and I was taken aback by someone talking to me and didn’t ask for facebook or something. You seemed awesome and I think we should be friends. (ps. not trying to get with you, I honestly just want to like…help you find good hair dye or something and hang out)