I wanted to draw some RO outfits… /papcry I first started off with RO!Landon’s Lord Knight outfit and then I just kept going from there– I even victimized Rachie and Yayoi oh gog–since I don’t have any female charas and all–Forgive me, sachii bebot and haji bby!! /duckyrun

B-but overall it was fun drawing the different outfits~ Lord Knight (Landon), High Priestess (Rachelle), Monk (Yayoi), and Assassin (Peris). T v T


Happy Valentines Day! (A day early here, but what the heck) Quick OTP doodles~

I feel like each of them have their own themes, so I tried tying them all together. - 7 -

JasminexDaisuke is my first rp otp, i feel like their relationship is very sweet and innocent. Lots of first love feels and dokis.<3

Harumei i think revolves around ‘time’ and a lot of 'new’ feels. Like being able to open up, heal, and basically turning over a new page.

YayoixPeris is my crack pairing my 'companionship’ pairing. They’re always looking out for one another in a mutual, loving and protective way.

RachellexLandon ruined my life coz all the feels are just so freakin overwhelming and hurts so good//KICKEDjklmao  in my opinion, have a theme of passion and 'eternal love’ despite being broken or imperfect.

Freakin feels. Happy freakin valentines day.

“I want to protect you” “I want to become stronger for you”

AO sketches. I haven’t played RO in a while, but I just felt like doing some sketches. Maybe I still prefer traditional pencil sketching over digital. - _ - It seems more natural I guess.

Gahhh hopefully I could fix my program soon. Maybe I’ll try some things to make it run faster idek. ;;; But for now here’s some RxL YxP for you. u v u;

And then there’s these gluttons…

A WIP~ I never tried drawing fast food before * u * I wonder if I can do it… But for now here’s a sketch~~

Huh now that I think about it, I haven’t eaten fast food in the longest time either . _ .

Happy Birthday, Haji bbuuuuu!! /o/ I hope this day is fantastalastic for you~~ And remember that you will always be a baby tako in my eyes ahuhuhuhuu u q u

Let’s take today to celebrate what an amayjing friend you are. //PUNTS HUGS ANDS SMILES YOUR WAY!! //SMOOCHES

lol ya-chan is trying to teach peri how to make onigiri. but he’s a phail.