amiiciitia  asked:

☢ Are there any ships that you would like to write for one day? Any that you wouldn't?

Questions for the Mun

Any ships huh? Well, if I had to say, I would like to do n.yxl.una, maybe n.yxp.rompto or n.yxg.ladio ( I blame you Jamal, I didn’t think I would get into it ) one day but I’ll let it get there when it gets there if it does. One that I wouldn’t, please no one kill me, n.yxn.octis. I’m just not all that into it tbh.


Happy Valentines Day! (A day early here, but what the heck) Quick OTP doodles~

I feel like each of them have their own themes, so I tried tying them all together. - 7 -

JasminexDaisuke is my first rp otp, i feel like their relationship is very sweet and innocent. Lots of first love feels and dokis.<3

Harumei i think revolves around ‘time’ and a lot of 'new’ feels. Like being able to open up, heal, and basically turning over a new page.

YayoixPeris is my crack pairing my 'companionship’ pairing. They’re always looking out for one another in a mutual, loving and protective way.

RachellexLandon ruined my life coz all the feels are just so freakin overwhelming and hurts so good//KICKEDjklmao  in my opinion, have a theme of passion and 'eternal love’ despite being broken or imperfect.

Freakin feels. Happy freakin valentines day.


I wanted to draw some RO outfits… /papcry I first started off with RO!Landon’s Lord Knight outfit and then I just kept going from there– I even victimized Rachie and Yayoi oh gog–since I don’t have any female charas and all–Forgive me, sachii bebot and haji bby!! /duckyrun

B-but overall it was fun drawing the different outfits~ Lord Knight (Landon), High Priestess (Rachelle), Monk (Yayoi), and Assassin (Peris). T v T

“I want to protect you”“I want to become stronger for you”

AO sketches. I haven’t played RO in a while, but I just felt like doing some sketches. Maybe I still prefer traditional pencil sketching over digital. - _ - It seems more natural I guess.

Gahhh hopefully I could fix my program soon. Maybe I’ll try some things to make it run faster idek. ;;; But for now here’s some RxL YxP for you. u v u;

And then there’s these gluttons…

A WIP~ I never tried drawing fast food before * u * I wonder if I can do it… But for now here’s a sketch~~

Huh now that I think about it, I haven’t eaten fast food in the longest time either . _ .

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAJIBBY!!! /o/ I’m not sure, but I think I’m a bit leyt Y v Y so I’m gomen.

BUT I HOPE YOUR BIRTHDAY IS TOTALLY WONDERFUL AWESOME THIS YEAR! * H * And thanks for being such an amazing and sweet friend. I’m so happy and blessed to know you! //// My beybi is growing up so fast *sniff* //KICKED

Here’s some YxP. Something dessert themed– coz ur sho sweet! \o/ //MAULED