yixing’s mother on weibo to him:
Regardless whether it’s a shallow smile or a huge smile; people who loves you loves this expression and it’s also your most good-looking appearance. A road that has never been walked by anyone, how can it be an easy walk? As long you are answerable to yourself and there are no guilt! Remember to always smile 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

Snippet from yixing’s “Shanghai TV” magazine interview:

Interviewer: As exo’s last Chinese member, have you ever paid attention to Luhan’s, Yifan’s and Zitao’s silver screen performances? What are your plans about your personal acting aspects?

Yixing: All are great, (all of them) have made breakthroughs and have new directions in different fields. Right now, the Korean members of exo are too diligently participating in filming dramas and movies, I hope everyone pay more attention to exo. I just went to Korea to film exo’s new MV and (I’m) currently discussing about a new album for next year with the company, there are about 20 songs already. In any case, I wish to present a wholesome and skilled artiste and not one who only has looks.