yvonne's husband

“at that first week, there he was in the lab, so certain about everything, with his shirt tucked in, with his thousand yards stare,” yvonne about her husband lmao

Most romantic season?

Well, didn’t they say season 7 is going to be the most romantic one?

- Spencer and Caleb broke up
- Hanna and Jordan broke up
- Spencer and Toby will not be together and he’s going away from Rosewood with Yvonne
- Alis husband is killed
- Shower Harvey is killed (and most likely cared about Emily)
- Aria and Liam broke up
- like the only romantic Thing is Arias and Ezras Engagement
- nothing else

gloria-flaritza-nichorello-haleb  asked:

The girls in the time jump with glasses of wine (at least Spencer has one) Maybe she offers the others a glass of Cabernet and the girls pass at first but then they're like nah I'll have one! And there's a lot of gossip starting with how some Yvonne bitch stole Spencer's husband and is now buried in her backyard and Aria's like been there done that and Hanna asks if the tray is crystal and Emily says she loves it 😂 #winewomen

they are turning into their mothers it all comes full circle