yvonne so happy!

livrose269 Soulmates by your side @therealyvonnestrahovski can’t wait to hug you soon 💜 [x]

i honestly didn’t mind yvonne and toby/yvonne in the beginning. he seemed happy with her and all toby deserves is happiness. but the way she’s been acting, especially after last night’s episode is ridiculous and i feel like it’s only going to get worse.

she acted like toby’s mother with spencer, her attitude was ridiculous and it’s almost like she wants to control what toby does or who he sees. she’s incredibly insecure of spencer, we saw that in 6x20 and what? suddenly toby proposes and gives her a shiny pretty ring and that’s all forgotten? she rubs that in spencer’s face and acts like that’s a reason for her to act the way she is and it’s incredibly obnoxious. 

toby doesn’t even look happy with yvonne. i’ve noticed it before but last night, he looked annoyed with her while trying to hide the fact that he was doing stuff to help emily and the girls. there is no way he’s truly committed and happy with this girl and it’s clear he’s not over spencer in the slightest since he has no problem helping her and hiding whatever he needs to from his own fiancé to get it done. he doesn’t care how many problems it causes, he wants to be there for spencer no matter what.

yvonne also clearly has no clue who toby really is or what he likes. having this big fancy engagement party? that’s not toby. he would never want to be the center of attention. you know who would know this? spencer. if it was their engagement (like it should’ve been) they would’ve celebrated just the two of them doing what they both like to do. toby being with yvonne is making him be someone he’s not and it’s so frustrating.

why the writers felt the need to even have them engaged is beyond me. it’s clear that his feelings for spencer are still there and what? so he proposed just to make it up to her and she said yes and ignored what is clearly insecurities when it comes to him so much as HELPING spencer without probably even knowing the history or details of their relationship? toby and yvonne are far from healthy already and i hate how the writers are wasting time with this shit, especially so close to the show being over. they should be focusing on getting spoby back together, not making toby/yvonne’s relationship more “serious” when in reality it’s a joke. 

this “goodbye” scene that spoby will have coming up is clearly going to be toby saying he can’t help spencer anymore because of yvonne being ridiculous and that just pisses me off even further. it’s going to ruin toby’s character because he would never do that and shouldn’t have to and for him to have to take yvonne’s side when she’s irrelevant and being irrational over spencer who is truly the one who loves is stupid but these writers aren’t capable of writing any storyline correctly anymore.