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★ countdown to 7b ★
         ≈ “the talented mr. rollins” (7x03)

Yvonne will die in tonight’s episode.

The official twitter account of PLL posted this earlier today.

And why we know it’ll be Yvonne? Because they said it. Not on purpose, buy they did it.

Yvonne will appear in tonight’s episode and Kara (the actress) will be live tweeting the episode. Can it be more obvious? I don’t think so.

Yvonne didn’t have to die just like maya didn’t have to die.

with only a few episodes left, unless there is another time jump, its gonna feel like spencer is toby’s second choice and there is no satisfaction in that!

we could’ve gotten emison without maya being killed off.

we could’ve gotten spoby without Yvonne being killed off.


I mentioned this here before but I really want to say it again. The last scene from 6x14, where Uber A (and we know this was indeed them because Marlene confirmed this on twitter) walks out of radley hotel and gets into their limo before taking their mask off, is very telling and eliminates everyone we saw in the hotel as a suspect aside from A.D. in that same scene/scenes.

People therefore who CANNOT be A.D. are Toby, Yvonne, Caleb, Hanna, Aria, Emily and Spencer!!

So when Marlene said there'd be two wedding this season

Was she talking about Toby and Yvonne’s wedding and then I guess we can assume Aria and Ezra’s wedding (since they are engaged and there’s that bts picture of Lucy with the veil on her head and a dress peeking out the bottom)

Because if so that’s pretty bs since 1, we didn’t even really see Yvonne and Toby’s wedding, and 2, I really wanted it to be the main ships that we’d see get married, I don’t even care which ones but we have waited this long so I think we deserve it.


Happy International Women’s Day! (March 8)

Rip Yvonne Phillips, and again Marlene proved us that she’s gonna do it all for our OTPs, and I do mean by all… Wait!! That mean that Marlene could be AD😱😱

Yes, I am a Spoby shipper and want them to be endgame but killing off Yvonne?? Was that necessary? There were other ways to make Spoby happen, Yvonne didn’t have to die after 5 seconds of being married (!!) to him. What is this show? Oh and let’s not forget Marlene calling her death ‘most romantic death in pll history’. Is she for real? They were literally a few minutes married. Calling her death romantic is disgusting, bye.

Pll 7x13 recap and review.

Opening scene is strange. Why a crying baby sound to annoy Spencer ? It would make more sense for Alison.

“Ali has something to deal with..paperwork”. - Emily. Lol.

It’s Hannas turn to play. A does hate Hanna the most, whyyyy?!?!

“Guys are too afraid to accidentally touch a tampon? ” - Hanna. Come on.  Write better lines.

Hanna makes the style section and actually genuinely smiles after a long time.

Short lived happiness. Hanna is being accused of stealing the dress design on some blog.

Spoby is nice to each out other. Wow Marco is ripped! Damn you can see all his muscles through the shirt.I like Marco and his whole demeanor. He’s so calming! Aria watches Nicole on tv talking about Ezra being her rock.

Hanna gets a Hanna doll delivered to her door. Wtf is this doll.

Hanna tells Caleb about the game

“Hanna phones have cameras and microphones- right?! ”- Caleb. Just stop talking about everything In front of the Damn game.

“See the appendix.”- My first thought was the doll. Am I nuts or did that take too long to figure out ?

Marco and Spencer get cute over a game of ping pong. Toby and Yvonne are getting married !

Lucas shows up this episode to remind of is how rich he is. He’s constantly friend zoned by Hanna. Maybe that’s why Hanna is hated more!

I don’t buy that Sidney shot Spencer. She has a minor role nothing major. She’s too minor a character on this show

Caleb explores the game. He gets nowhere

Hanna figures out she needs to cut the doll. She pulls out a plastic baggy that says WEAR ME on it.

Marco and Spencer play ping pong. “My adoptive mom.” - Spencer

I am really annoyed with how this story is playing out. Spencer is treating veronica so unfairly.

Marco briefly brings up the Rollins case. I hope they don’t ruin him by making him a Spencer user. This show ruins it’s men.

Emily and Aria go on a mission. Aria suddenly knows how to hack ? What the actual duck.

The baggy had a really short dress in it for Hanna to wear to her investors meeting.

“Everyone’s going to see your spicy tuna roll short “- Caleb

“I was going to be impressive and creative and confident. People don’t always see me that way. “‘ Hanna. Sometimes Hanna Marin breaks my heart

Emily confronts Sidney

“Who sent you. ? Caleb or Mona ?”- I have to revisit this line.. Sidney claims Jenna sold the whole note delivering to Caleb and Mona at the radley as a whole joke.

Aria hacks sidneys phone

Sidney pays for eye surgery for Jenna. Says it’s from A.D. anonymous donor.

“Someone’s buying Jenna a new pair of eyes. “- Aria

Marco and Spencer kiss

“You don’t have to drive yourself crazy choosing between the two. All you have to do is love the people who want the best for you.” - Marco.

Toby and Yvonne get married !

Aria takes sidneys bag and walks her to an alley

Aria then twists her arm behind her back and Emily has to pull her back. Sidney claims she’s just doing her job at the bank.

Caleb and Spencer have a beer together when she discovers him in the barn trying to detect the game. She tells him about Marco. Caleb has some serious balls when He says she deserves to be treated good. Of course she does you ruined cheating bf. He tries to lift up one of the buildings and as he lifts it something gaseous sprays out and Caleb looks like he’s having a heart attack.

Lucas again.. helping Hanna with her dresses as they go to meet the investor. Hanna tells him he is the most generous friend. Just as she’s about to get off the elevator Hanna gets a text saying Caleb is in the hospital. Lucas takes her sketchbook and tells her to go.

Is this a ploy to get her sketchbook and see how far she will go in playing the game ?

Toby and Yvonne talk about their dream honeymoon and then Toby gets a sad look in his face just milliseconds before the flowers fall and Yvonne dies. I’m so upset they went this route. So upset. There are a million ways to remove Yvonne from the path to Spoby if that is the end goal but to kill her off ? Wtf. She should’ve called Toby on his bullshit and left him for keeping secrets or dumped him because she felt he had feelings for Spencer. Or she could have caught them kissing. Or she could have decided she needs time away because a lot of shit has happened. Or she could have friggen amnesia and can no longer remember Toby. Anything. But no they have to kill her off ..ugh. End rant.

Hanna is at the hospital with Caleb. He told the hospital he accidently mixed cleaning products and gassed himself. So no analysis of the gas at all.

Hey loser day goodbye to your prize-A.D.

Hanna is upset that all Spencer had to do was visit a friend but Hanna gets falsely accused and misses the most important meeting of her life.

Emily and Aria continue to track Sidney

This scene with Spencer and Toby is incredible. She sees the cart being wheeled out and sees his face as he walks out and immediately knows it’s bad. He drops to the floor and she gracefully gets on the floor to hold him as he just crumbles into tears. Great scene from Troian and Keegan

Aria leaves Ezra a msg about Sabrina quitting and how she needs him to answer her calls and she can’t run a business ..wtf Ezra. She’s your fiancee she deserves an explanation regardless of what you have going on with Nicole. Ugh.

A shadowy figure is sitting on the couch and Aria immediately bolts for a huge knife ..it’s only Nicole it’s not A ! Nicole just sitting in the dark listening to Aria leave Ezra that msg..Wtf Nicole.

I like this last scene even though it was an A tease. Marco opens an envelope addressed to Rosewood P.D to find a finger..Rollins I’m assuming. A.D is mad at Hanna and giving clues away to the police instead of a puzzle piece prize to Hanna.

Pretty Little Liars Review-Hold Your Piece

Alison’s absence in this episode was very welcome to me, she brings a dynamic and attitude to the show that I don’t enjoy. Alison was much better used in the flashbacks before we knew that she was alive, and her presence still grates on me. I just don’t think she works, especially as a protagonist on the level of the other girls. That being said, some areas of this episode excelled more than others. I absolutely loved all of the hacking scenes, especially with Aria doing all the hacking! But, I felt that some of Hanna’s moments regarding the dress drama were drawn out a little bit too long. 

Hacking and Tracking

I honestly never get tired of the girls bringing the fight to whoever is currently stalking them, as these scenes are often some of the best on this show. I will always hope for more of them, because I absolutely love watching them trying to piece the clues together with some old fashioned detecting, and newfound skills that they learn in the process. Pride of place in this episode are Aria’s new hacking skills, courtesy of Caleb, who taught her Hacking 101 in order for Aria and Emily to be able to keep an eye on Sidney and her plans with Jenna and AD. As much as I loved these scenes, especially Emily’s shock at Aria’s sudden whizbang skills, I would have preferred to also see Caleb teaching Aria the tools of the trade. After all, some of my favourite scenes over the seasons have been with the slightly more unlikely couplings, such as when Caleb and Spencer had a good number of scenes combining their smarts and putting their detective skills to the test. I really enjoy when the significant others work alongside one of the other girls and they establish a new bond, so it would’ve been nice to see that in this episode. Aria and Emily discover that Sidney is still in contact with Jenna, and that Sydney has paid off Jenna on behalf of a client called AD. I’m interested to see where this tracking of Sydney gets the girls.

On the other side of things, Caleb has been working hard to try and discover the secrets behind the game, once Hanna has to tell him the truth. It’s so funny, but this moment is such deja vu, with Hanna almost always being the one that ends up spilling first. But it’s ok, because Caleb always has the kinds of skills that they need in order to defeat their enemies, although in this episode, it appears to be too much even for him. Given that he got a job right out of school working cyber security type stuff, I sincerely hope that Caleb’s befuddled state in this instance is going to make sense, because it’s highly unrealistic that many characters could actually beat him in this arena. Unfortunately for Caleb, his desire to help only hurts him, as he is sprayed with some kind of gas coming from the game, with Spencer having to call an ambulance. What I’m grateful for is that this meant Hanna avoided the meeting with the investors, because I don’t think I could have handled all of the secondhand embarrassment that that bound to come from that scene. 

Designer Drama

This episode was Hanna’s turn to play the game, and so she did, right up until the last moment in which Caleb was sent to hospital, which I am glad for because I could not have handled that meeting. That dress that AD was making Hanna wear was absolutely atrocious on so many levels, and I was bracing myself for the embarrassment that was surely going to follow. Of course, this may mean that the girls will be punished for Hanna skipping her turn, but I’d rather that than the scene that almost happened. With that dress, AD effectively removed all of Hanna’s confidence and dignity, and I couldn’t bare to watch the scene in which that would happen. 

Unfortunately, poor Hanna not only had to almost go through with this unlucky investors meeting (thank god for Lucas being such a good friend and taking it all on), she also had to deal with all of the hype caused by her dress thanks to Sydney’s meddling. As Hanna had anticipated, the dress she did not want to use ended up being more problematic than helpful, because whilst it was loved, AD used it as an opportunity to spread rumours that Hanna had stolen the idea, in order to mess with her brand and any chance she has with her career taking off. 

Relationship Status

This episode gave the characters plenty of opportunities to deal with the relationship drama (or lack thereof) in their lives. Spencer takes a much needed break with Detective Furey from the relentless worry and confusion she’s felt since she was shot, and it was great to see her actually enjoying some aspect of her life. However, as much as I am enjoying these moments that Spencer has been having with the detective, who seems like a good guy, it seems pretty clear to me at least that Toby is going to be Spencer’s endgame. Spencer’s scenes with Furey are interspersed with scenes between Toby and Yvonne at the hospital, as Yvonne wakes up and they decide to get married then and there. I must admit at this stage I began to doubt the endgame I had predicted, although towards the end of the episode, after Toby and Yvonne have married and discussed honeymoon options and holidays, Yvonne passes away. Toby’s eagerness to marry Yvonne when she wakes up now seems to me at least to be partially motivated by some diagnosis he was aware of, perhaps Toby knew that she didn’t have long left? Either way, he is absolutely devastated, falling to the floor of the hospital, as Spencer, who has come along to see both he and Yvonne, catches him, realising the truth of what must have occurred. I am convinced now that these two will end up together, although given these events, I’m sure it will be much closer to the end of the series. 

Toby is not the only ex-boyfriend that Spencer deals with in this episode, as she comes across Caleb in her barn as he attempts to figure out how the game is running. I’m hoping that this was the first step towards the two of them getting back to normal in their relationship with each other, because that is precisely why I never wanted them to be together in the first place. I loved their platonic relationship, it was always one of the greatest between one of the girls and the boyfriend of another, and I really missed that. However, whilst their relationship seems to be getting better, Aria is in for a surprise, with Nicole randomly showing up at Ezra’s apartment and giving Aria the shock of her life. Aria is going to be dealing with the strain that Nicole has placed on her relationship sooner rather than later.