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Hi!!! When I Saw the shiny fenekkin post, I wonder if your friend could tell you if the shiny starter is seen in the moment of choosing or if she saw it's was shiny in the battle :D THANK YOU!! Please, I must know! ^^

I don’t have the game myself, so I can’t say the order of things, but she said she did not see it was a shiny on the selection screen (I’m assuming that’s what you mean by ‘moment of choosing’ as with other games).

Tagged by Vinny in a handwriting meme. I suspect that my letter really didn’t arrive to you and you didn’t notice how terrible my handwriting is, to tag me into something like that… To not make everyone’s eyes bleed, I will put the meme under Read More. First, though, I’ll list tagged people:

You are not obligated to do it~ I did it so others won’t ask me to see that terrible handwriting of mine any more <3

And yes, Vinny, S.O. means Significant Other~

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meme time (´◡ω◡`)
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The little things tag
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Thank you, senpaitheking, for tagging! It was fun! *w*

Middle name: Paula
Shoe size:  European 36-38 (depends on brand)
Height: 151cm (AHAHAHHAHAH I’m such a shortie ;_;)
Favourite colour:  Sky-blue and cherry-red
Favourite book:  I don’t have any (I like Harry Potter series)
Movie that made you cry:  I’ll just make a list of recently watched movies, it’ll still fit your question (Ao no Exorcist movie, Ookami Kodomo, Bleach: Memoried of Nobody, The Lion King, Wreck-It Ralph, MUCH MORE)
How many pillows you sleep with: Three, one big and two with anime characters (Komamura Sajin from Bleach and Rin Okumura from AoEx. AND I WAS >SO< CLOSE TO GET KUROKO PILLOW)
First ‘real’ kiss:  It was shortly after I met my bf, he came to my city and we walked to a park. Since the benches were all occupied, we sat under the tree… Don’t even remember how this happened. It happened… This May?
What you smell like:  Usually like coffee. Once in a while like mango or apples. I don’t really use perfumes.
Song that makes you smile: Depends. It changes often, really. Lately it was Catal Rhythm, then Rage On… Now it’s Never Say Never (yep, I’m anime openings freak)
Quiet hobbies: Drawing, daydreaming, napping, drinking coffee. Lately watching rain and thinking about digging a deep hole and staying in forever (beautiful, polish, rainy autumn)
Favourite dessert: Mmm… I don’t have one.I like eating chocolate… Muffins… Brownies… Lots of sweets.