yvan delporte


Yvan Delporte, partout, toujours
(part three in what’s becoming a slightly more occasional series than I first thought)

A couple more Yvans, this time from the Benoît Brisefer album he co-wrote with Peyo & Walthéry: Lady d’Olphine. He first appears as himself in a queue of disgruntled commuters (with Peyo), and secondly as an applauding tramp after Benoît lays out an entire police station.

Yvan Delporte, partout, toujours (part two in a very occasional series)

A submission from mii-riam-spirou – thanks!

“I found two more cameos of Yvan Delporte. The first one is from Tora Torapa, page 34 and the second one is from Du cidre pour les étoiles, page 39. Both are by Fournier.”