yuzuru kurenai


there were some real gems in this month’s Takarazuka Premiere on The Scarlet Pimpernel, mostly Reon-based: 

-Narrated by Yuzuki Reon. This is her final episode!
-Footage of The Scarlet Pimpernel “starring my beloved kouhai, Kurenai Yuzuru. Kurenai no Yuzuru-chyan~”
-Kurenai Yuzuru talks about her first Grand Theater show as a top star.
-Kurenai Yuzuru and Rei Makoto watch video letters than Yuzuki Reon sent them and react in realtime.
-Footage of Kurenai Yuzuru as Percy in the 2008 Hoshigumi Scarlet Pimpernel shinjin kouen, including an interview .
-Kurenai Yuzuru and Rei Makoto talk about their respective roles, and about Kisaki Airi.
-Kurenai Yuzuru crying a lot during her shonichi speech
-Press conference footage of Bakumatsu Taiyouden (The Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate).
-Interview game with Sagiri Seina, Sahiki Miyu, and Nozomi Fuuto (“Nihonmono makes speaking Japanese difficult” –Nozomi Fuuto)
-Maa-kun and Yurika play an interview game; Chateau de la Reine starts in Tokyo on March 31st.
-Asaka Manato’s taidan announcement footage
-Yuzuki Reon wraps up her final recording with footage of her doing outtakes and a thank-you message.