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ISU World Figure Skating Championships 2017!!
Shoma Uno Kun is so cute plz check him…and Yuzuru Hanyu Kun is God…Let’s worship🙏🙏( ˘-˘ )🙏🙏


@6:50, Oda-san said:
Immediately after the medal ceremony, Hanyu-senshu gave his flowers to me.  I heard a voice saying, “Nobu-kun, Nobu-kun.”  I turned and saw Hanyu holding the flowers (out to me).  I said, is it ok for me to take it?  He said yes.  I said congratulations and he said thank you.  To all the ladies out there, I am very sorry. ^^  
(translated by me before I died of envy)

(look at Yuzu’s face in gif…….. *dies again*)

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gif thanks to nonchan1023;  video thanks to YzRIKO

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“@札幌アピア 太陽の広場② もう一度ÜP〜 NHK杯キスクラ写真撮影コーナー!! こっちの動画の方が見やすいかな😆 https://t.co/UR8l9upDOb”

I love the elaborate Kiss & Cry that Japan always creates for their competitions, other countries and federations, please take note!


”Prince of Ice…. he cannot ____??”

At the Ghana chocolate event, Yuzuru said he does not go to the seaside much because he is not good at it/does not like it.  Later, when the reporter asked why, (at 2:16 of video) he says he cannot swim and he is also not someone who likes walking barefoot on the sandy beach.  So he is only good on frozen water. Not liquid water. ^^ 

At 1:16, she asked if his heart beat faster when the 3 girls called him “Yuzuru-kun”.  He said yes and he was a bit perplexed (or felt a bit lost) .  He has not been directly called this since maybe elementary school. (In another video, he said fans might use that but people directly calling him usually use Hanyu-kun or Yuzu or Yuzuru, but not Yuzuru-kun.)  :D  haha so cute.

–my translation, thanks to YzRIKO for the video