Yuzuru Hanyu, successfully landing first quad loop in history, Into 1st place

Yuzuru Hanyu landed the first quad loop in history during his short programme at his first competition, Autumn Classic, at Montreal, Canada (30 September 2016). He placed first after SP with 88.30 points.

He revealed his new white costume for the season. Skating along to the up-beat Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” tune, he landed the quad loop in the beginning of the programme. He then popped his quad sal combination (4S-3T) into single rotation and later on fell on the triple toe but finished with a beautiful triple axel. He went back to the spot where he fell after his performance, as if he was not satisfied with his performance. Nonetheless, he placed first with a lead of 8.78 points.

“There are bits that I regret on and there are also good bits. (Regarding quad loop) I think everyone is surprised because it is first in the world, but it is irrelevant to me. I regret the fact that I was not able to complete the programme.” - Yuzuru Hanyu

For ladies, Rika Hongo scored 60.33, placed 4th and Mariko Kihara scored 59.09 point and placed 5th after SP. Mirai Nagasu led the group with 73.40.

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Now that I’m back at the hotel I can jot down some quick thoughts!

* When Yuzu landed the quad loop the energy in the rink really was electrified, everyone started clapping together really loud and I could barely hear the music. I thought maybe that’s why he popped the salchow, although I heard he got into a hole in the ice (Bev Smith’s tweet).

* After the pop he tried the toe anyway but fell and made a funny face as if to laugh at himself.

* He slowed down a bit after the fall, so when he hits it clean it’ll be even crazier!

* Facial expressions are like a rock star! So much attitude and fun.

* I’m not really digging the costume. It’s okay, but makes me think of disco dancer. I’m sure it’s “Prince” like, but I wanted something more modern, edgy, and black! Otherwise, could be worst.

* After Yuzu some people left, many still stayed and they cheered even louder for the following skaters, probably everyone was still riding that good energy.


Yuzuru Hanyu - Let’s Go Crazy | Skate Canada Autumn Classic 2016