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What's the plot of A Flowers Tale and how can you fit all those characters into the story???

NOT SURE IF I WANT TO SPOIL MY OWN WEBCOMIC but since I’m taking so long to update it let me just summarise it for you

basically everything revolves around the heroes of light and darkness, and their dragons respectively, that’s all i’m gonna say ;^)

((i swear i’ll get back to drawing ft one day thank you everyone for being so patient omfg))

Coyote is a berserker.  Whenever he rages, his senses and instincts amplify beyond human comprehension.  He can only describe this sensation as “seeing colors” as he only has a vague recollection of what happened in his berserker state.


SPEEDPAINT of my last stream ! im gonna start making speedpaint vids like this for all my streams for people who support me on my patreon ^_^ but since this is the first one im posting it publicly :’D 

here is the finished piece


its 4am and I’m drawing tattooed bods.

Celestial Angels are marked all over their body with colorful Marks. usually they signify their rank, element and Animal. They’re permanent, but are removable when they go incognito among mortals.

they’ll change color if the Angel falls, and might change shape as well.

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Who is your strongest OC - who is capable of conquering the world?

Meet Brodie, leader of the Global Defense Force, and my strongest OC (not counting gods or avatars of gods, like Kahyo… but… real talk… it’s a tough call to say if he or Kahyo is stronger).