yuzu's pooh


I didn’t expect this to happen even at the gala lmao!!!

But I’m just so glad to witness such a pure friendship. Pooh is definitely his senyuu, his companion in battles. It is moments like this that warm my heart (also take me by surprise and make me go lol by how much of a child this 22-year-old man is inside).

You know who should really sponsor Yuzu?

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Yuzu’s love for pooh. Fans worldwide gifting pooh related things to him.

And let’s not forget that Yuzu actually skated to when you wish a upon a star.

He’s Disney royalty material.

Like “bib-bi-di-bob-bi-di-boo a princess for you.”

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Tokyo’s Disney Resort could have him as the poster boy for Frozen or Pooh land…I don’t know, but I say Disney Japan ought to consider the profit they could milk out of this man.

And then ANA can have an arrangement with Disney Japan to fly people to Tokyo in plane that has Princess Yuzu printed on it. Now, that’s some real magic.