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JJ’s Crossing Himself Isn’t Religious

I’ve seen a couple of things about how JJ might be Catholic because of this:

and I’ve also seen a couple of people say that it’s weird because most Catholics don’t cross over the bellybutton (except for Russian Catholics, apparently), and the YOI staff probably messed something up there.

It’s not. A religion thing. Not this one. When I first saw him do this, my first thought was they did not just do that. The cross thing is actually a figure skating thing, although as far as I know, only one skater actually does it regularly.

That skater being none other than Yuzuru Hanyu, reigning Olympic and GPF champion, and the former World champion (current reigning Worlds Silver Medalist).

(watch the first couple of seconds) yeah i know they’re both purple that’s just an unfortunate coincidence i swear

Anyways Yuzu does the cross thing as an axis reminder: keep your back straight, shoulders perpendicular, arms tucked. He was asked that in an interview once and he said:

“That’s not a sign of the cross. The first vertical line is to check my vertical body line. The two horizontal lines I draw across my body are to straighten out my upper body core…“

tld;r: The staff know what they’re doing and JJ is reminding himself to stay on axis during his jumps.

Turns and Steps, Explained (2/2)

Hey guys *cheerful wave* Wimbledon is over so my tennis obligation is done with and now I’ll resume my full-time figure skating follower status. I’ll kick things off with the second part of this turns and steps explanation. This post will touch on a couple of concepts we’ve discussed in the first part so you might want to check that one out before diving in: here it is.

The ISU technical handbook defines 6 types of steps: toe step, chassé, mohawk, choctaw, change of edge, and cross roll. Out of these 6, the only step that is considered difficult is the choctaw. Now if you recall from the previous post, the ISU also defines 6 types of turns (twizzle, bracket, loop, counter, rocker, three-turn). Among these 6, only the three-turn is considered basic, the other 5 are all counted as difficult. At this point I guess you’re naturally wondering why there is such an imbalance between turns and steps. Well, that is because a turn, by definition, must be done on one foot, while a step would normally involve two-footed skating, and that is something we don’t want to see too much of. In fact, the ratio of one-footed to two-footed movements is one of the most reliable indicators of a skater’s skating skills.

That said, let us check out what each of the 6 types of steps looks like. This time, to switch things up a bit, I’m going to use Seimei as illustration.

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I found out that Yuzu Fairy had this translated and uploaded, and I figured I would share this video.

This is a short segment from the latest 24 hour TV Program. He was on this before, but I guess due to time constraints and wanting to focus on getting his Free Program ready, he couldn’t be on the live recording. Thus, this was pre-recorded.

What I do like about this segment is that, even though Yuzu doesn’t say much, it is the first time I’ve heard him discuss a little about his asthma. Normally, he wouldn’t even utter a thing about it, but perhaps on Sota-kun’s behalf, he talked about persevering in the sport despite the odds…..

Still….Sota-kun….how are you….just sitting there like a nodding rock…..?

Another Arc V ending

I mean, we could explore the ramifications of a horrific reality where Yuya and Yuzu have to live with three other people in their heads, Shun Kurosaki has his best friend and sister gone, and Reira Akaba is still a baby and we can go into depth about how Leo gets a family back and suffers minimal to no consequences.

Or we can write an actual happy ending.

Because this is Yugioh and I demand everyone gets a good end. Everyone.


The silhouette reached out to him.

Yuya’s heart momentarily stopped in his chest.

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here’s a bite of fruitshipping i edited for a studio project on youtube

Someone is gonna be mad and “mecha-kuyaashi” for months.

Anyone can have a off day really. And today, definitely one of those days for some of the men.

It’s funny though, usually Yuzu is very strong for his SP. Yet, he looked…more nervous and tense than usual. Somewhat….dejected.

Probably because he wanted to do so much (the event is in Japan afterall), but something in him wasn’t quite kicking in.

But all-in-all, this means he’s gonna be training hard for his upcoming skating season, because his disappointments will be converted into good ol’ Hanyu fire fuel.

What happens to all the Plushies that skater get!

Here is a little video that explains what happens to all the plushies from the official #helsinki2017 Facebook page!

Most of the vid is about Yuzu’s Plushies though!

Yuzu wants all the postcards and greetings and plushies will be donated to a charity project for children!
(It does not say if he keeps some of the plushies and presents!)

Okay, now I feel salty

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’m very glad that Vrains has got over 95% of rating. I really love this series and think that it deserves this percentage so far. But what I HATE is the fact that there are some not very nice people (it’s softly speaking btw) who think that now they have the right to shit on Arc-V even worse. So what if it never had this high percentage of rating? So what if the ending was horrible due to its writers’ incompetence? And what triggers me the most is that those not very nice people completely dismiss three years of someone’s nonetheless enjoyable journey. I LOVE Arc-V even with it’s ending. Yeah, it could have been much better, but overall the series was worth it. Oh, and I’m ESPECIALLY angry if someone insults Yuya. And I mean it. I LOVE this little sunshine, even if writers’ incompetence made his character somewhat exaggerated, Yuya is the most adorable thing ever. Sure, he is not Yusaku, they’re total opposites so far, but I still love them both. Yuya might not be the best protagonist out of everyone, but he is at least my personal sunshine, and that means a lot. Also… hm, didn’t want to touch this one, but I have to. Yes, I have a natural distrust in female leads cause I had disappointments with three of them so far: Asuka, Aki and Yuzu. BUT! Even though I’m VERY disappointed with Yuzu turning into damsel in distress in the end, I still give her the credit of being a badass until her defeat by Sergey. Why am I saying this? Because I’m not even sure if I like Aoi yet. Even if episode 7 was really emotional, it’s still too early to tell. Aki was amazing too, but she still turned into benchwarmer, so I wouldn’t put Aoi so high on a pedestal of the best female lead of all Yugioh. At least not yet. Okay, this is getting too long, so I put this shortly: I’m VERY happy that Vrains is showing such great ratings, but I strongly DISLIKE if people use it to shit on Arc-V, because a) Vrains might (though I sincerely hope not) fall flat too; b) Even despite its flaws Arc-V still can be someone’s favorite serious. So, please, not-dear Arc-V haters, don’t use Vrains TEMPORARY success to insult a finished product which was also considered to be the best at some point.