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JJ’s Crossing Himself Isn’t Religious

I’ve seen a couple of things about how JJ might be Catholic because of this:

and I’ve also seen a couple of people say that it’s weird because most Catholics don’t cross over the bellybutton (except for Russian Catholics, apparently), and the YOI staff probably messed something up there.

It’s not. A religion thing. Not this one. When I first saw him do this, my first thought was they did not just do that. The cross thing is actually a figure skating thing, although as far as I know, only one skater actually does it regularly.

That skater being none other than Yuzuru Hanyu, reigning Olympic and GPF champion, and the former World champion (current reigning Worlds Silver Medalist).

(watch the first couple of seconds) yeah i know they’re both purple that’s just an unfortunate coincidence i swear

Anyways Yuzu does the cross thing as an axis reminder: keep your back straight, shoulders perpendicular, arms tucked. He was asked that in an interview once and he said:

“That’s not a sign of the cross. The first vertical line is to check my vertical body line. The two horizontal lines I draw across my body are to straighten out my upper body core…“

tld;r: The staff know what they’re doing and JJ is reminding himself to stay on axis during his jumps.

Cute Problems

Just another random little fluffy Arc V idea I thought of. I actually thought of it after seeing a little comic someone drew, but I can’t remember who drew it! Plus it was re-blogged, so I don’t even know who the original artist is. But it inspired me, so thank-you, Mystery-Comic-Creator!


“We may have a problem,” Yusho stood in the doorway of his and his wife’s bedroom.

“What?” Yoko crinkled her brow as she made her way through the hall.

“A cute problem but still a problem,” he smiled.

Yoko shot her husband a confused glance as she pushed past him, but her face softening once she caught sight of the two children in their bed. Their son, Yuya, and his friend, Yuzu, were having their first sleepover together. The five-year-olds had been running around upstairs all evening, and it appeared the two had finally crashed in Yoko’s and Yusho’s room. 

The mother stood beside the bed and gazed down at the pair. The kids were adorable snuggled under the covers with their heads resting against each other as they slumbered away. 

“What should we do?” whispered Yusho as he stood next to his wife.

“Nothing,” she shrugged.

“You don’t want to move them?” he blinked.

“No. Just let them sleep,” she brushed a stray strand of hair from her son’s face.

“So where will we sleep?”

Yoko turned around and gave her husband a warm smile.

“We’ll figure something out.”

Having the strength of mentality to change the layout of a program that you’ve been practicing for months and which your body has become accustomed to all the while maintaining flow and and executing other jumps not to mention great artistry all the way through…..I’m so proud of yuzu even though he didn’t win gold. His has the character of a true champion that’s very rare in mens figure skating I know this silver at 4CC will give him the motivation he needs to do his best (and stop popping quad sals holy shit or just quads in general) at world’s later and hopefully knock nathan down from his 1st place high /whoops salty as charged but yall hoping the same as me anyways 😌/ . Also doesn’t this scene look familiar as to the yuzu coming up behind patrick right before the sochi Olympics but still yuzu is different from patrick and can definitely handle the pressure technical wise, artistry wise, s(quad) wise, etc. AND still come back as a champion because he truly is one. Ps. A perfect yuzu can beat a perfect nathan AND set world records (I mean if you count a program with all jumps and barely any substance perfect I’m not salty I swear just curious of nathan’s pcs)


“Oh no!”

Ticklish! Yuzu’s big smile because he was trying not to laugh.. and the way Javi didn’t even stop even though Yuzu kept nudging him.  ヽ(´▽`)/

zziero  asked:

Hi! Your post about the meaning of good luck charms in FS was great, I feel like it will be extremely useful for all the fans who don't follow FS. There's just one small thing, you wrote that Yuzuru gave Brian his bracelet - I don't think that's true. He's been wearing that bracelet since his Yuna days, and Yuna and Yuzu never trained under Brian at the same time. So it's unlikely it's a good luck charm of any sort. One thing is certain, though - Yuzu has a gazillion of good luck charms haha!

*headdesks* I knew Brian had a bracelet since back when Yuna was his student, but I also knew that Yuzuru had given bracelets to some people in his team - including Brian -  so I didn’t think to match the stones on that CoC bracelet with the past bracelet…
Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I’ll wade through the forums to find further details.
I’ll be sure to make a note of this in my post, and to cover any cracks people might feel as a result, I’ll include the example with Yuzuru’s trainer/physician Kikuchi-san (whom I 1000% definitely know wears bracelets with Yuzu). You might recognize him as the older man who sometimes sits in the Kiss&Cry with Yuzu or is at the boards. He’s been part of Yuzu’s team for a long time.

Yuzu does have a bunch more charms than the other skaters - it’s hasn’t increased for a few years now, though!
But actually….I remember reading that a few skaters in the late 90s/early 00s also had quite the collection. Whether from sentimentality/superstition, or because a skater simply loved wearing their jewelry, there were some who competed with rings&bracelets&necklaces. Tara Lipinski wore multiple rings and a necklace with many charms, and I believe there was a skater who wore a ring on every finger. I didn’t include some of these older skaters because I don’t know their story, and the post would have gotten too long, but you can see just how long this has been going on. Compared to then, it seems to have calmed down in recent years with skaters only wearing a single necklace, bracelet, or ring.
Buuuut it’s not like there’s a chart out there which has the average number of jewelry pieces worn per skater. So don’t quote me on that.

Japan National Figure Skating Championship, Men’s Single total scores

2010 251.93
2011 254.60
2012 285.23 –> Yuzuru Hanyu
2013 297.80 –> Yuzuru Hanyu
2014 286.86 –> Yuzuru Hanyu
2015 286.36–> Yuzuru Hanyu
2016 280.41 (Yuzuru withdrew due to influenza and pharyngitis)

YUZU’S SCORES THOUGH (LOL) *even when he’s not at his best, he still slayed*

This took so long to make……

Finally I have finished the biggest project that I have ever worked on, and I meant it this picture is huge. (but anyway…)

I give to you all the bracelets girl dressed as their ace monsters, this drawing was based on a post saying something about the girls decks having a musical pattern or something like that. ( I cant find the original post so I might have explain this wrong)

Yuzu: Melodious- orchestrates or creates the music

Rin: Wind Witch- Plays the instruments or creates the background sounds

Ruri: Lyrical Luciana- Sings to the Music

Selena: Moonlight- Dances to the Music

So basically the girls are performing what their specific decks are supposed to represent or something like that.

I think this is my favorite drawing since the 1920′s headband drawing I did.

(I obviously love how I draw ruri but yuzu comes as a close second)

I hope you all like it



Yo can we please talk about this for minute?

Because I kinda found it weird that they used Yuzu as a place holder for Ruri and Rin. Why not shillouettes or something? But then I thought: well maybe they used Yuzu as place holder to hide that Yuzu isn’t actually from Standard.

This theory has been floating around for quite some time now. That Yuzu is actually either Ruri or Rin and that’s the reason why it was so hard for her to learn fusion. Though since Yuzu met people who know Ruri and Rin (Yuto and Shun, Yugo) wouldn’t they realize that she is the real deal? I mean all of them mistook her for their Yuzu. But then again everybody thought Serena was Yuzu so maybe the people in this show are just stupid.

Anyway this got me thinking.