yuyuko cosplay


does costests 2 days before con
but yea! super excited for this year! pardon my messy room and shitty lighting

saturday is summer cirno
friday is yuyuko
and sunday is my paintra gijinka

cirno gets an extra pic bc of the wings and how heckin nice they turned out ’:3

Fanime 2017 lineup! finally decided who to do & what day.

friday: Yuyuko Saigyouji (touhou)

saturday: Summer Cirno (touhou) 

sunday: Paintra (kirby triple deluxe) (the gijinka design is by me!)

Will be there at the touhou meet on saturday!

See you there!

actually someone remind me, when fanime is over, to upload some of the recent cosplay notes that i’ve done over the years. they’re messy but i’ve recorded a lot of detail on how i measured & made my outfits

that & they’re kinda nice to look at. i need to dig for them in my sketchbooks but yeah. I really want to share how i made my cosplays