For people who think that all the series after the original Yu-Gi-Oh! Are too extra

Like for real? Did you watch the original?

A kid gets possessed by a 5000 year old dead dude, and instead of acting on revenge, he plays a card game. And Kaiba is some next level extra shiz, I don’t even have to go into depth about him.

They use LITERAL GODS trapped in tiny cards to fight to save the world, and you’re mad that some kid built a motorcycle that played card games to make a living in the slum? Or that a kid meets versions of himself from other dimensions?

All Yu-Gi-Oh! Series are extra, that’s almost a requirement for the series. It’s fine if you like others more, or if you think the original is best, but don’t look down on the other series.

Thank you, have a nice day.

Protags and their Spiritual Partners
  • Yugi: My Aibou. He gives me the confidence I need and I teach him humility. The most important person in my life.
  • Judai: My sorta boyfriend partner? Turns out we were aliens in past lives and they got dragon armor and went crazy with space madness. They got better.
  • Yusei: uh
  • Yuma: My teammate. He can be annoying when handing out advice but I teach him a thing or two from time to time. Wouldn't trade him for anything in the world.
  • Yuya: My other me? He sends me a voicemail every half year about either bringing smiles or killing academy kids. Shun really misses him.
  • Yusaku: piece of shit i'm stuck with. Almost got me killed with a tornado. Need him for revenge reasons.

For a while, my one friend who has never seen Yugioh/arc v thought that my dragon au designs were actually canon designs so I felt a deep need to make fake screenshots of what they’d look like if it was true ^-^

these were super fun to do :3


I HAVE ALL THESE BUTTON DESIGNS!!! fingers crossed if all goes well they will be 1.75in buttons for sale at anorth 2017 but i think theres also enough interest for me to set up online shop for peeps who cant reach (*´∀`*) 

i hope u like them…!!! my favs are kawaii blue eyes and ofc my bby judai💗💗


Imagine browsing through the TV one day and you know nothing about yugioh and this is the first thing you see


Vrains is finally making its debut soon and I imagine Yusaku is going through the last reminders from the other protagonists before show time~ hehe <33  

( Edit: Yush! Finally able to fix the last three panels!! \(ouo)/ 
PS: I kinda not sure what team name to give for Judai and Yuma so…yeah random Team Fivestar XD)

Yu-Gi-Oh! Protagonists’ skills in the game


  • Has lost a couple of duels
  • Forfeited a duel he would’ve won against Kaiba
  • Literally has the power to draw the card that’s most convenient for him


  • Made an entire OC Archetype with space magic that’s unique to him 
  • Lost an E-HERO mirror match and a few other duels 
  • Summoned Neos against Osiris


  • Practically all his duels are gimmick motorbyke stunts
  • Lost to a zombie but had the duel be “”””interrupted””” for the sake of his record
  • Has a big red magic dragon constantly print out new upgrades to his favorite card that’s also super mega magical and unique and also a key to stop a nuclear explosion


  • His ace is so powerful it actually cannot be destroyed if it doesn’t fight another powerful magic monster
  • Lost to a twelve year old that calls himself Shark
  • Constantly has tips on how to duel thanks to a magic space alien ghost jesus.


  • His skills were introduced to be middling at best
  • only got wins when he literally invented a brand new summon method, not an archetype like the kids before, but a whole summon method.
  • His past life lost his marbles at having a decent win/loss ratio that he destroyed the universe

and finally, into the Vrains


  • 100% Duel Win Ratio
  • Only plays Master Format, no gimmick duels
  • Has won duels using one (1) card.
  • OTK all the time
  • Only protag to win a duel that opened on a completely dead hand
  • No magic or unique archetype, he simply got a cyberse wizard pm’d to him via DN.
  • Uses established cards only. 
  • Has no outside help, he’s the LONELY Brave
        • Evolved with all of us to no longer be lonely, but BRAVE MAX

i think it’s pretty obvious who is the most skilled character in the franchise


Here it is. The full comic.

Yuzu begs Yuya to enter the ikemen pageant because the prize is 60 kilos of rice AND the duel school would get a lot of publicity. Yuya’s hesitant, but Yugo’s like HMPF, I CAN TOTALLY WIN FOR YUYA. But Yuri’s like “You, an ikemen?? Please, you probably can’t even win a contest as classless as this.”

Then Yuzu reveals the contest is a swimsuit contest. Yuya, Yugo, and Yuri all start freaking out, saying NO WAY!, and Yuzu tries to reason with them–until Yuto steps up like “Hm, it can’t be helped…”

Cut to the actual contest. Yuzu doubts if Yuya can win, and Shuzo’s like “Yeah, Kurosaki and Sawatari have surprisingly nice bodies”.

But then Sora announces REIJI as the winner.

Yuto and Sawatari are like “The hell? You’re not even in a swimsuit!”

Reiji: “My swimsuit is… zero.”

protagonists according to


“We have food at home”: Atem, Yusei

*pulls into drive through while children cheer* *orders one black coffee and leaves*: Astral, Yusaku

“McDonalds! McDonalds! McDonalds!”: Yugi, Judai, Yuma, Yuya