Episode 145: 終わりなき反逆 – Owarinaki Hangyaku
(Unending Rebellion)

A Decisive Duel!
Kurosaki vs. Yuya!
Still can’t accept that he has lost his sister, Kurosaki turns his violent rage toward Yuya…! Yuya then challenges Kurosaki to a Duel. A sorrowful and intense battle between the two begin!

This week’s Leo: regretting his plan!
Leo regrets that his plan to revive Ray has ruined many people’s lives and relationships. Leo then reveals the truth about the connection between Ray and Ruri to Kurosaki and Yuya…

Credit: DMC3444

p96822  asked:

So how would Serena feel if Yuya confesses to her about his feeling for her

She wouldn’t answer him right away.

She would go out for a long, serious walk in the wilderness. Ask the woodland creatures for their sagely advice. She would spend many months there, meditating, listening, learning. 

She’d then take a trip up into the mountains. The cool mountain breeze would rustle through her hair as she continues to ascend to the highest peak. By now, she’s grown a beard of sorrow. She develops a taste for raw bear meat.

She climbs back down, and takes some more time to wander through the desert. Yes, she does peyote. Yes, it blows her mind. She spends hours on end dancing to music no one can hear, singing the song of the desert. The vultures who follow her everywhere guard her from the coyotes. 

And those same vultures follow Serena back to civilization. By this point, her beard reachers down to her midsection. Her face is wind beaten, her eyes world weary. There’s a touch of gray hair at each temple. She carries a staff with her everywhere. She never sleeps anymore. 

And the first thing she does is go right to Yuya’s house in the still of the night. She throws rocks at his bedroom window until one finally breaks through and he’s forced to respond. And when he finally peaks his head out the window, Serena only has one thing to say:

“The answer is yes.”

  • Yusaku: Uhm, hi? I'm Yusaku Fujiki and I'm the new YGO protagonist--
  • Yugi: Ah yes, welcome to the club! I'm Yugi, and these are Judai, Yusei, Yuma, and Yuya!
  • Yusei: Nice to meet you, hope you are prepared.
  • Yusaku: Prepared for what?
  • Judai, Yuma, and Yuya: TO SUFFER. :D