The year is 2090 - the 29th installment in the Yugioh franchise is currently airing with Yuwan as the current protag. Konami announces its latest merchandise. At age 93 I nearly have a heart attack that kills me and through the tears I pull out my debit card.

They finally released merchandise for female yugioh characters.


Skullgirls NPC’s! Did the paletteing and shading for them to be set up on the stage.

The guy next to Yuwan is his brother Shumai (I think that’s how it’s spelled). Hammerhead dude is a guy I designed who super surprised me when he got in and a pretty cool guy who does “Ask Minette” has been calling him “Steel”. Definitely wanna do some fanart of all the Non Playable Cuties. Not enough BG characters get love. Which I am all about. Octopus guy’s name is Castro and the Natalus girl, Natalie.


lately asa main ako so andun si “yuwan” 2years old na apo ng may-ari ng school namin. super daldal na bata. nakakatawa lang isipin kasi crush ako at ang tawag sa akin ay bebot. kanina kausap ko si zee, exaktong andun si yuwan

ako:zee may kakausap daw sayo(binigay ko yung phone ko)

yuwan:hello sino to?

zee:jc. ikaw sino ka naman?

yuwan: bebot ko na si tere ha!


hahahhaha loko tong batang to :)) hindi ko malilimutan ang tawa namin kanina. kilala pa pla nya si zee w :)))