longest post ahhhh. i had so much fun with this comic (and taking a small break from commissions and requests). it was supposed to be split up into parts but nopeeee.

hope you all enjoy it~~

Hi everyone, so I know I haven’t updated for a while now, and truth is I am too sad to do anything for a bit, including the comic. But here’s this thing I made as some sort of nightmare for Infinity. hmm tho

Anu Arendel more like a new way to torture every single character you know and love 

actually toonboom crashed and im really upset so i ended up drawing crying npc’s to fill in the void in my heart *sobs*


EDIT: HAHAHA i just realized that i wrote down arandel instead of arendel because we were talking about frozen when i was drawing and my brain’s whacked so im so so sorry

  1. Loving You (1,2,3) (Feat. 원써겐) - 히나인
  2. A Little Pain - Olivia inspi’ Reira (Trapnest)
  3. Eyes,Nose,Lips - Taeyang
  4. Coffee feat. SungAh - Epik High
  5. Can’t Stop Thing About You - Neon Bunny
  6. Yume no Tsubasa - Yuvens
  7. Lonely Rain - Yuya Matsushita
  8. Depression Clock feat. Jonghyun- IU
  9. I Wish You - Capsule
  10. Plastic Smile - Perfume
  11. Only One - BoA

Check out this playlist on @8tracks: Japanese/Korean Songs by shichikas.


The problem with Ritto is that he only has three parts, and the hair and headband are part of head so I can’t get a good view of his face. His robe is a one piece too, so I can’t look inside all those layers of clothing.

King Yuvenciel is also troublesome because model viewer bugs ruin a huge part of his clothes, he can only be posed sitting, and the branches are part of his body. Also because he is a huge model (it includes the throne) it’s hard to rotate.

Fortunately for these two characters Eyedentity released the character sheets, and Ritto is lucky of having a very detailed one. I added some references to how Yuvenciel sits on the throne and a close up of his face.

anonymous asked:

Who's Serensiel? , seriously I've been playing DN as Artillery and while playing my main quest ( CHapter 10 telezia) I keep hearing serensiel, serensiel blah blah from that male archer that becomes the king (forgot his name) and what is her importance in the plot

Serensiel is an elf woman Yuvenciel fell in love with 500 years ago. Their destiny was to become the Queen and the guardian (I’m guessing a similar role as Ritto) respectively.

Yuvenciel did not want this fate forced upon him and tried to persuade Serensiel from becoming the Queen and running away with him, to rebel against her Telezia basically. Yuvenciel claimed he loved her “with passion like a human”.

It didn’t work, Serenciel rejected him and became the Queen. Yuvenciel ran away and at some point became an Apostle. He wanted to freed elves from Telezia so no one would suffer the same fate as Serenciel.