yuuya kogure


Just searching a good scene for a gif and I fell on that. And I think it’s one of the cutest & funniest scenes in IE Go ! It made laugh so hard. Otonashi is traumatized by Kogure’s pranks xD But their conversation was so cute and it brought me so much memories. Otonashi & Kogure’s relationship is adorable & it’s definitely one of my fave ones !

Confession by @murdererangelworld

I’m surprised that anyone else is scared about what will happen with the characters that appeared in the Aliea Arc now that Ares will air. I’m suffering for Kogure, Tobitaka and Tsunami! They grew up thanks to sakka, but, if Endou & Co don’t come to call them, what will happen? I just hope that Hino just throw them aside, like they never existed.


since i finished 10 inazuma valentines cards (and you can only post 10 images in a photo post at a time), here’s first set in a master post. let’s see if i can make another 10 before valentines day.

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