Tag Game

Rule #1 ship the person who tagged u

Rule #2 answer the questions

Rule #3 write the kgroups you would like to be shipped with at the bottom

Rule #4 tag 20 blogs

I was tagged by sehunandfriends, thank you ♡

I would ship you with Jongdae bc you said that you like funny & ironic things and i feel like Jongdae could really make you smile all the time, so yeah. I ship you with Jongdae. :3

What is your Chinese zodiac/animal? snake

What is your Star sign? Gemini                                              

What is your height? 5′11 aka a giant.

Describe your fashion style: I usally wear things i feel comfortable in, I don’t really have a specific style I just wear what’s in my wardrobe. Even though I would like to have a really nice looking style I unfortunately dont have the money and the selfconfidence for it.

What are your hobbies? I like to listen to music, watch movies or tv-shows, watch youtube-videos and just relax in my bed. I also like to sing (even though I sound horrible lol) and dance (also horrible). And I like being on tumblr all day.

Describe your personality: When you first meet me, I’ll be very shy and I won’t talk a lot. But once i get comfortable around you, I start showing my real personality. I smile a lot and love to make people around me laugh. I’m usually the friend that makes the most jokes. I’m also really loud but I just can’t control that tbh. And i get jealous really really really quick.

What are your likes/dislikes?: Likes: food, my phone, kpop, my laptop, free wifi, my otp’s, tumblr and my bed.

Dislikes: rasicm, discrimination, jokes about insecurities and illness and people just being assholes.

What kind of height do you prefer? I prefer people that are taller because that I barely meet people that are taller than me lol

What kind of kpop position do you prefer ( i.e. rapper, vocalist, etc )? tbh, I love all of them but I think I like the dancers and vocalists the most. 

Do you prefer innocent or sexy? both hehe 

What are your turn ons? a good sense of humor, a beautiful smile, when the person smells really nice, selfconfidence & a little bit jealousy.

What are your turn offs? when you can’t make me laugh, bad hygiene, mocking my interests, not paying attention to what I say and keeping secrets from me.

What type of fear are they allowed to have? um you can’t really do anything about a fear so idc what you’re afraid of, we’ll solve it together 

What would an ideal date for you be? chilling at home while maybe baking or just relaxing on the couch. I also really like cuddling so we would do that. And maybe just getting to know each other more on that day.

Any other hints? I don’t know what that means XDDD

I tag: blondejonginnie, chanyeols-tight-ass, softwoozi, freakygreenunicorn, kimnamdayum, aceprincesss, my-deer-dragon, wolfpcy, kaiflowers, kaisoodle, yourinnerpotato, topbingugirl, nerdsuho, exocrazywolves, ohmaknaeoh, pregnantjongin, fxckyehet (I’m too lazy to tag 20 people rn, sorry XD)

And I apologize if you were already tagged for this

I’d like to be shipped with Exo and Bts. 

As usual, you don’t have to do this.