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Anime Taught Me How To Love?!

Am I the only one who learned more about love from anime than actual people? Let me explain. I’ve been in plenty relationships and I’ve seen many more but nothing has prepared me more for love than my favorite anime.

Anime has taught me that sometimes words aren’t needed to fix a problem. It taught me that if you truly believe that the person you love is the one, you never give up on them no matter what.

It taught me that people aren’t perfect but when we are together, life becomes perfect. But most importantly, it taught me that it’s okay to be yourself, to laugh, to cry, to smile, to frown because that’s what a relationship is all about.

I’m not saying anime takes any value from actual experiences but I am saying that when it comes to love, I don’t look up to regular people or celebrities or whatever. I look up to my favorite anime characters because they always give me the answers I’m looking for. Has anime taught you how to love too?