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Personal opinion: I should preface this by saying that my expectations for liking Yuuta going into the show could have best been measured by a flatline, because I had none. Main protagonists are very rarely among my favored characters in any media; at most I see them with indifference. Yuuta was probably the first character to ever break this cycle (along with Deckerd. No, I did not even expect to have much of a reaction to Deckerd, either. [insert laughtrack.mp4])
I love Yuuta. I love Yuuta because he is young - unmistakably young, not just pseudo-technically-young - and because he is young, he makes mistakes. He says and does things off the cuff because he is a child and he has hurt feelings and incomplete views of the world. I love that he isn’t presented as anything more as far as the context of the show is concerned. He does his best to be a good example sometimes and observe the rules and live up to the job that’s been handed to him, but at the end of the day he is a kid and he knows it and he likes being a kid. It’s because he is this way that the other characters born from him see their own growth.
I love Yuuta because he is emotional. He’s emotional, and he knows it. (“I cry a lot, after all.”) As someone who comes from a history of media led by hardasses, it’s nice to have a central figure who’s so reactive and vulnerable.
I love Yuuta because while he is all these things, he’s also strong. He’s strong because he is young and vulnerable and emotional. He’s strong because he’s actually a good person, despite the mistakes. He’s strong because he loves openly and completely. He’s strong because he embodies the purest expressions of the heart, and even when he’s been hurt, he perseveres. He’s relatable. You kind of want to just hug him and smoosh his face and be really, grossly sappy with him sometimes.
It did take me a while to get over the shorts, though.

A headcanon: Sometimes he catches himself singing along to the radio when he’s riding with Deckerd (and Deckerd has it on an appropriate station.) He was a bit embarrassed over this at first, but when Deckerd didn’t make fun of him, he felt better. Yuuta actually enjoys singing quite a bit but doesn’t do it often for fear Kurumi will make fun of him. Azuki thinks it’s cute, which is sometimes even worse.

A song that makes me think of them: Dat ending theme.

In the absence of a question, I will post a gif summarizing my feelings:

Squish squish

(Whoops I wrote it)

“Shadowmaru, come here for a bit!”

“What is it, Mini Boss?”

“Hold up your paw like this!”

Shadowmaru did as instructed, giving his boss a curious look as the boy moved forward looking a bit embarrassed even though he was grinning.  Yuuta placed his hands against Shadowmaru’s paw, still smiling, and the ninja was very confused at this point.  “Mini Boss, can I ask what you’re doing?” Shadowmaru moved his head forward some, peering around his paw a bit to stare at Yuuta.

“Well, I saw they painted little paw prints on you and…ehe, I thought they might be squishy like Urunyan’s,” Yuuta admitted.

“I’m sorry to disappoint but—“

“I know but still!” Yuuta laughed, Shadowmaru registering the boy pressing just a bit more, and the ninja conceded to his boss’ whims.  If the boy wanted to pretend they were squishy then Shadowmaru wasn’t going to stop him.

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yuuta regina? if you can ;;;v;;;;

(I certainly can Missy Blue)

It’s their lord knows how many date, the two dressed nicely and at a nice restaurant with fine wine.  It’s Regina’s idea and she’s fidgeting with a box in her hand.  Usually it’s the other way around but she feels it’s nice to take some initiative every now and then.  Yuuta is talking, telling her about how everyone is doing and he’s so glad to see her when he can, when Regina pauses him and pulls out the box.  She thinks about getting on one knee but this is already pushing it.

She doesn’t even get the question out before Yuuta is picking her up and twirling her saying, “Yes, yes I do!”