Shirofuku: Lol, a child came to watch “Innocent Curse”* horror movie. A primary schooler was standing behind me in the queue and kept saying “scary!” and “wah, that’s tough” during the film w (you have to be quiet during the film♪)
Children’s cursing song has appeared in the movie, but when it started after the end credits it was way scarier…

*literal name of the movie is “Messenger Children”

This shot alone makes me so emotional. Any one else? Such a good season of Starmyu though! I loved the addition of the Ancients They definitely filled the void of not seeing the Kao council as much. Which I personally didn’t mind. Overall season two in my opinion was better than season one. But that’s just my opinion. Thank you Starmyu for such a great roller coaster of an emotional season!!! 

Shirofuku: I made the recording of the Twitcast public~! Sorry for the wait (・∀・)✨

Shirofuku: Thank you very much for twotcasd!!! I feel like the temperature this sultry evening is getting lower!!!!!!! goodnight!!!!!!!!!

Shirofuku: twotcasd wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww